Saturday, 27 September 2008

an emotional evening

I walked to Muiderpoort Station via Kastanjeplein.


At work I did lots of little things that needed doing. Think of it as spring cleaning in autumn.

After work I walked to the Dappermarkt. The Reinwardtstraat had been moved; you can now find it in the basement.


On Plantage Middenweg they're repairing the tram rails. It looks like they're doing the whole stretch of the #9 tram in one go, from the centre to Diemen. This takes out a major traffic artery.

plantage middenlaan

I had a pizza in the Stivale d'Oro. It was still early and not crowded yet; in fact, I was the only customer. The owner (whom I hadn't seen in three months) looked at me and asked "how did you loose so much weight?" I answered "by not eating here!"

His wife, Lucia, asked about Vincent and Nicole "Are they still in Australia? Say hello to them."

stivale d'oro

After dinner I went to Mulligans for coffee. I didn't want to sit here for hours waiting for the music to start, so I had another walk, this one in the dark. I went down the Kloverniersburgwal, Geldersekade, Prins Hendrikkade, NEMO, into the Public Library (didn't see Marion), Central Station, Damrak, Rokin and back to Mulligans, a total of 7.5 km.


When I got back to Mulligans the party for the 20th anniversary was starting up. The band was the Fantastic Elastics, also known as the Mulligans Session with Microphones on a Stage.

the fantastic elastics

A good time was had by all; some old customers who had moved away to other parts of the country such as André (Twente) and Severine (Limburg) were here for the night. Others were here all the time. We missed the Oz delegation.

nantko & alex

For some the emotions were too strong.


After a few hours I walked home again. It was too late to sort the photos and write the blog, hence the late publication.


Vincent said...

Hello Nantko and Alex! How nice of Lucia to ask about Nic and I. We're thinking of popping over at the end of 2009, surely we'll have one or two dinner there :-)

I guess we'll have to celebrate Mulligans 21st then. Adults at last :-)

Juf Jo said...

Another fine night missed by me.
This time I was sick in bed, ive been feeling poorly for a few days but need to get some work done :(
I miss Mully.