Saturday, 6 September 2008

horse lifting

Renate came by this morning from Archeon to pick up the Íþrottír magazines and asked me if I ever boiled eggs. When I answered 'sometimes' she gave me a felted egg cosy in the old Apple colours, complete with the bite out of the side. Thank you Renate!

megg cosy for maccasey

In the afternoon I went for a walk in the direction of Amstel Station, where around the corner from my house I saw a golden coloured bicycle. Lately you see more and more strangely coloured bikes; presumably to either prevent theft or to make it easier to find it back.

solid gold and only a small chain

I crossed the Amstel and turned into Uithoornstraat where the light was doing strange things to the buildings.


Rijnstraat was broken up, so I continued on Victorieplein towards de 'Wolkenkrabber'.


To the right of the 'Wolkenkrabber' is a tiny little street, Deltastraat. If you enter that, it takes you around the corner to the back of the 'Wolkenkrabber'. I had never seen the back of this building before. I think the front is nicer.

backside of the 'wolkenkrabber'

I continued the walk throught the backstreets of de 'Rivierenbuurt'. It had started to rain on and off a little which made the skies over Maasstraat look ominous.


I turned right into Maasstraat and walked until I got to Amstelkade where I turned left. Following the quay you end up behind the Apollo Hall where a few canals meet.

meeting of the waters

On the bridge leading to Apollolaan there's a horse statue; if you stop to look at it you'll notice there's a child actually holding up the horse. Strong kid…

horse-lifting child

Turning right at The Golden Tulip Apollo Hotel I crossed the Reinier Vinkeleskade. This looks like a nice neighbourhood to live; I like the trees along the canal bank.

reinier vinkeleskade

I walked along Hobbemakade towards the city centre; turning right into Albert Cuijpstraat and then left again into Frans Halsstraat. The Zen restaurant was open and had the terrace out. Nice flower arrangments, too. One of these days I'll have to come back there for lunch.

zen's flower terrace

I walked on to Wetering Circuit and then turned right onto Nicolaas Witsenkade. One of the cargo bikes parked there had caught the rain in its cover. It made a nice reflection pool.


Next stop was the Nederlands Bank which doesn't improve with age, unlike me. The building is still butt ugly; the only redeeming quality it has is that there are a lot of reflective windows so the sky gets mirrored nicely.

butt ugly

From here I walked back through Hemonystraat to Ceintuurbaan, crossed the Amstel, down the Oosterparkstraat and straight home. The whole walk was 9.12 km. If you like to check out the route, download the KML file and drop it in Google Earth.

I'm leaving for Pisa tomorrow, so I don't know when the next blog update will be. I'll try to leave short updates, if possible. Otherwise the next update will be Wednesday.


Nicole said...

Have a fantastic flight and wonderful trip! I loved your photos of my old walking route and neighbourhood. I'm somewhat horrified at the Rijnstraat. The shop people must NOT be happy.

Vincent said...

De Rijnstraat is dus toch open gegaan. Was een hoop heibel over omdat de winkeliers (wij hadden goed contact met de eigenaars van een restaurant daar) vreesden dat het net zo'n puinhoop als op de Overtoom zou worden. En alle bomen gaan er ook uit. Stoep wordt smaller zodat er een fietspad kan komen. Schijnt nodig te zijn. Beetje debiel vind ik zelf.

Als je een paar jaar eerder was gaan lopen had je bij ons een bakkie kunnen doen :-)

Kees said...

@Vincent: Ik haal nu met gemak 10 km. Hoe ver is 't lopen naar Adelaide? Dan kom ik ook even langs voor een bakkie...