Tuesday, 23 September 2008

keeping an eye on things

This morning I hurried out the door to get to the conference in time. I had ignored the alarm clock and overslept. I jumped on the #7 tram, since that is marginally faster than walking to Amstelveld.

The whole day was taken up by listening to people explaining things I didn't understand. I took photos and helped here and there when there was a problem. All was done under the watchful eye of Jesus.

Some other people didn't find the talks worth listening to either, since this afternoon there were quite a few who had fallen asleep. It reminded me of the quip about the definition of a professor: somebody who talks in someone else's sleep.

keeping an eye on the proceedings

I took over 150 photos today but apart from the one above nothing for the blog.

I walked home quickly after I left the conference since it had started to rain a bit. I bought a fillet of chicken, shi-take mushrooms and veggies at AH and wokked a pseudo-Thai Red Curry meal with noodles. Tonight I ought to be going to the range but I cancelled due to a headache. I'll just curl up with a book and nobody talking to me…

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Nicole said...

Hope you're feeling better!