Monday, 15 September 2008

laser 3.14

The Polderweg is home to a lot of graffiti; all the board fences around the building site are painted. Some of these paintings are by an artist known as Laser 3.14. Usually he only writes a 'filosofical' text, but sometimes it is more 'traditional' graffiti. The one below is one of the latter. What I like about Laser 3.14 is that he does all his work on throw-away boards. You never see work of him on stone walls.

trad. graffiti by laser 3.14

Further down Polderweg is the site where the Verheij flying saucer used to be. It has been reduced to piles of rubble and brick. We'll call it the Amsterdam Alps from now on.

amsterdam alps

At the side of Ringvaart a heron was sunning itself. I walked up real close and it just looked at me, thought "not dangerous" and looked away again.


I came into work via the workshop where our cosmic muon detector is now detecting that we're inside a black hole. The display was completely screwed up. Normally you'd see nice tracks shooting from top to bottom. This looked more like a game of tetris. Or the inside of a black hole. I prefer to think some of the electronics is on the fritz.

inside the black hole

I researched who was renting out video-teleconferencing equipment in Holland, worked on finalizing the EU astroparticle report, made a poster for the ApP symposium in October and helped two PhD students with their posters for the LSC/VIRGO meeting next week.

I took the bus to Insulindeweg. There's an artist that lives there and he's got some paintings in the window. He also has hand prints on the door.

two hands on one door

Walking in the direction of the Mauritskade you come by the Pieter Vlamingstraat where there's a major renovation going on. Wherever you see that in the 'hood, Laser 3.14 is not far away.

laser 3.14's trad. text treatment

The builders had been busy with street art, too. To protect the trees from their building equipment they've fashioned board fences around them, stuck old doors from the renovated buildings on the boards and painted people looking through the doors. Very clever.

tree protection

On the corner of Von Zesenstraat is an aluminium building. You probably have great views from all the windows (on three sides!) when you live there.

de punt

Next to it is a row of metal modern art, rusted. I think the rust is part of the art.

rusted steel

Between Oosterpark and Mauritskade is a little side street. It hasn't got its own name, but is still Mauritskade. Not many people know of it. Tiny houses and lots of green.

unknown mauritskade

On the other side of the water is a green building with a tree-lines terrace. I've never seen anybody sit there. I've once walked on the other side of the building and there's a locked gate there. No way that I could see to get to the terrace.


Maybe you're supposed to take the boat across...


I went to the USC Fitness club and was told I could get my money back due to the medical problems I've had with my bursitis. From the USC I walked home through 1e Oosterparkstraat and Beukenplein. For a change I didn't eat healthy: I got myself a döner kebab. Yummy.

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Renate said...

By the way, Schatz alerted me today to the fact that Columbia Internet has been contracted to provide additional I.T. Support to CERN's LHC group.

Kees said...

grin; cartoon on its way to work!

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