Wednesday, 24 September 2008

size 40

I woke up late this morning, around 08:00, feeling a lot better than last night. Breakfast and half a liter of homebrew coffee helped me wake up. I sat at home reading until lunch time (knäckebrød with cheese). When I stood up after lunch, my jeans were feeling bunched up the same way my old pants were a few weeks ago. I decided I needed new ones, so I marched into town.

I walked down Wibautstraat/Weesperstraat. I still don't understand the significance of the four cuckoo-clock weights parked on the side of the street.


At the end of Weesperstraat I walked into Jodenbreestraat ...


... across the St. Antoniesluis ...

st. antoniesluis

... into St. Antoniebreestraat. On the corner of Nieuwe Hoogstraat is a blue and yellow building. The whole St. Antoniebreestraat looks quite modern after the renovations of the last 30 years, but this one beats them all. I like it, though.

st. antoniebreestraat

Walking down Nieuwe and Oude Hoogstraat towards the Dam I saw a cannabis seed store with faux Delft Blue tiles over the shop.

first class delft blue seeds

I crossed the Dam and walked down the Nieuwendijk to the Werkmanspaleis where I bought my new jeans. This time I bought a size 40. A month ago I bought a 42. A year ago I bought size 46. If this continues I'll have a negative size next year, which would make me a black hole. Who needs CERN for that?

The shop needed 20 minutes to have the legs shortened, so I walked down the Korte Nieuwendijk to the Singelsluis.


I bought a herring at the stall there.

raw herring with onions

After picking up the shortened jeans I walked down the length of Nieuwendijk, turned right at the Dam, left at N.Z. Voorburgwal and then omto the Singel Flower market. This put me on the corner of Vijzelstraat. I worked here at the Aurora electronics shops when I was 17 or 18 years old. I looked inside and it is still the same old half-unorganised jumble of chinese junk that it was all those years ago.

aurora on vijzelstraat

I walked down Herengracht and Reguliersgracht to the Duif on Prinsengracht. I stopped here at the VIRGO conference, hoping for an afternoon coffee. They had just ran out of coffee, so I had a mineral water instead.


Everything was running smoothly at the conference, so I walked on to the end of Reguliersgracht. I took the #7 tram home on Weteringschans because my feet had started to hurt.

Dinner was the other half of yesterday's fake Thai red curry.


Vincent said...

Pretty pictures, beautiful houses. The clock-weights are awful though. The herring shot makes me hungry and I don't even like herring... And gratz on the size 40 :-)

s g collins said...

i also like the buildings in jodenbreestraat, i think they are a good example of how to do new architecture and still let it belong in amsterdam. probably wouldn't have approved when they were tearing down the old neighborhood though, back during the first metro uproar.