Monday, 22 September 2008

stop crying!

This weekend I was in Germany, in an open-air museum in the town of Oerlinghausen, together with Marion, Janneke and Danny.

marion, janneke and danny

We were there for a Viking weekend. Lots of tourists came to gawk at us and ask stupid questions: "do you live here all the time?" "Do you always dress like this?" "Did the Vikings have fire?"

Yes, Vikings had fire. They also had fish.

fire and fish

One of the German re-enactors, Helen, had just had her baby four weeks ago. After she had been breast-feeding her, little Hedda was crying her heart out. I offered to silence her and Helen took up the bet. I just told Hedda to shut up and by Golly, she did!

complete trust or complete exhaustion?

The new Saxon hall they'd been building for the last two years was finally finished. There was a ceremony with lots of VIPs who had donated money but re-enactors were not needed nor wanted at the drinks afterwards.

saxon hall

Some tourists brought their wives and dogs. Sometimes it was hard to see which was the dog and which was the wife.

his wife's dog…

After two nights and days of fun and crafts we drove back into the sunset towards Amsterdam. We arrived late at night and the next morning, Monday, I had to get up at 06:30 to be at the LSC/VIRGO conference around 07:30. I made it in time, but not in a good mood.

I spend the whole day making photos of the speakers and the audience, and when I wasn't doing that I worked on posters and our website.

the conference

On my way home I saw an upholstery shop which had shelves with all their materials on it. It looked very colourful.


When I got home I had a nice salad and fruit for dinner. In Germany I had survived on bratwurst and bread which is not the most healthy food. One bratwurst is nice, but a whole weekend long…

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Nicole said...

Looks like a great weekend! Good weather and excellent company!

Nice baby! Did you get to take it home?