Thursday, 25 September 2008

sweet and sour

As we are moving away from summer time the sunrise is later every day. I now walk to work during the so called 'golden hour', the hour right after sunrise (and also the hour right before sunset). During this hour sunlight has to travel a longer distance through the atmosphere which gives a nice colour to everything.

The white balance on my point-and-shoot is not very good, but believe me, the building in the photo looked golden!


You can see a bit of the golden hour effect in this photo.

ringvaart / transvaalkade

At the end of Transvaalkade I turned onto Middenweg. At the corner of Hogeweg they're repairing the tram rails.


I walked down Middenweg and zigzagged through the neighbourhood to work. Across from our gate workmen had started on the renovation of Anna's Hoeve, the last farm of the Watergraafsmeer. It is going to be a visitor's centre for the Science Park.

anna's hoeve

I spent most of the day tweaking the photos I had taken on the LSC/VIRGO conference. The rest of the time was taken up by tweaking my procmailrc to get less spam in my inbox. Lately I was getting a few hundred spam emails in Russian every day. They're now automagically thrown away.

I walked home via Nobelweg and caught the nice light on the Ringvaart from the other side this time. Not quite golden hour, but getting close.


When I walked into AH I couldn't choose which salad to eat, so I bought ingredients to fix something myself: shi-take mushrooms, yellow and red paprika (capsicum), tauge (bean sprouts) and chicken fillet. AH now has some ready-made oriental sauces, of which I got the Chinese Sweet and Sour. I also bought a fruit salad.

I brushed the shi-take and cut them into strips. I chopped up two half paprikas and rescued the pineapple pieces (and some mango pieces) from the fruit salad. Washed the tauge and dusted the chicken fillet strips with corn meal (maizena).


Chuck in the wok and stir-fry. When almost done, add noodles.

in the wok with some noodles

This gave me three portions, two of which are now in the freezer.

After dinner and washing the dishes I walked to Mulligans. They're celebrating their 20th aniversary this week and tonight was the start of festivities with a 'Father Ted' night. Everybody was supposed to dress up as Father Ted or as a generic religious technician. Barry and Kate were looking very pious.

father teehan and sister kate

When I realised Father Ted Night was just another name for the pub quiz with Father Ted questions I left. I hate pub quizes. I'll be back tomorrow night when they've got music.

I walked back along the Amstel, a nice and quiet walk.


Nicole said...

Awesome cooking action Kees!

Juf Jo said...

Oh no, I forgot all about Father Ted night, but im glad I only missed a pub quiz.
If it had been a evening of watching father ted on a big screen with the whole pub I would have been heart broken!