Sunday, 14 September 2008

the women's door

Last night I was in Mulligans where Danny gave me a fan with the order to give it to Alie. I live much nearer to Alie than Danny and she thought I could drop it off on one of my walks (BTW, I just added up all the distances from yesterday's walks which were recorded on my GPS phototracker: 19.7 km). Today I started walking towards Alie's house.

danny with max in the background

I started by walking down the Weesperzijde where I saw an ingenious system for parking your bike high and dry.

bike hanger

Eddy Posthuma de Boer, a photographer who lives on Weesperzijde, has an exhibition in his gallery of photos taken by him of the Amstel in the last 40 years. Across from the gallery somebody had changed the name of the Weesperzijde to Rembrandt van Rijnpad.

rembrandt van rijnpad

Alie wasn't in when I rang the doorbell, so I dropped the fan in her letterbox and walked back to Weesperzijde, past the Al Kabir mosque. This is supposedly one of the 'liberal' mosques. They've been renovating the front of the building and the entrance doors are nicely worked with wood carvings and marble pillars.

al kabir mosque; men's entrance

I hope they do the same with the women's entrance.

al kabir mosque; women's entrance

I followed the Weesperzijde to 1e Oosterparkstraat where I turned right and then left onto Wibautstraat, which I followed to Weesperplein. In the Singelgracht I saw a digger on a raft. I guess it is one way of making sure it isn't towed away by the parking police.


The weather was great; sunny and not too warm. This is when Amsterdam is at its best.

mauritskade looking east

I walked back home along Oosterpark where lots of people were also out taking the sun and playing games on the grass.


Tonight I'll be in Mulligans for the session; Danny and Marion are going too.

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Nicole said...

I'm glad to see you're getting some beautiful and sunny days too. The photos are a pleasure to look at.