Thursday, 11 September 2008

zen pool

I walked out along Ringdijk; the sun was shining and the world was good.

laing's nekstraat

A giant bush of sunflowers was growing in front of a house on Ringdijk. A lot of people have started 'guerilla' gardens here.


At the Wethouder Verheij sports hal the 'flying saucer' is now completely gone. A lone tree is left standing in front of a construction pool, making an unintended zen reflection pool.

old pond / a frog jumps / the sound of water

Also unintended is the way down from the Ringdijk to the MacGillavrylaan. People tend to make their own pathways if the authorities don't provide proper paths. There is even an official name for this unoffical path: desire line.

the road to enlightenment

Since I was in Pisa and in the air yesterday, I missed the press conference at Nikhef for the LHC opening. The room where the event was held was still in 'press conference' mode and I took a look. I had made the photos that were printed on the large canvasses around the room and I wondered how my Nikon photos looked when blown up to such a large size. I was pleasantly surprised; they looked great.

press conference background

The day was taken up by doing the bits and pieces that I didn't do yesterday because of travelling. In the morning I was making and changing web pages with pictures of the first events seen in the different detectors at CERN and uploading photos made by my colleague Marcel of the press conference to the USA (they want to use a few in Symmetry Magazine). In the afernoon I had just started work on a new version of the Einstein Telescope poster when I was called to a meeting about posters for the LSC/VIRGO conference. They had made a few trial versions and wanted my advice on how to make them better. I always gladly tell people what they're doing wrong, so advice they got plenty. If they'll heed it...??

After work I took the bus to Amstel Station and walked across the Berlagebrug. I turned onto Amsteldijk and shot this photo of the London Building on the other side of the river. The sky looked magnificent with the blue and the cloud mountains.

london building on the amstel

There's a 'pirate ship' moored on Amsteldijk. It has 'anarchist' signs painted all over it, along with posters proclaiming squatter's rights. It also has large gates with sharp points, heavily locked bicycles and barbed wire. I taste a conflict of intentions; what is the message here? "I can take your stuff but keep your hands off my stuff?"

pirate ship on amsteldijk

I went to the ThaiCoon for a take-away dinner. First I sat down for a while with the owner, chatting about my trip to Italy. His brother had made similar trips and had had the same experience: it's business, not holidays. You don't have much time for sight-seeing.

Also business is preparing the food: the lovely female chef was preparing lumpia, springrolls. She put a little of the filling on a sheet of dough which she then folded up. After I took her photo she ordered me to take one of her colleague too...

folding lumpia

...which naturally I did. He was just ready cooking my order: Kai Pad Khing with a starter of Tom Yam Kai. As usual it was delicious. The other half of the Kai Pad Khing will be enjoyed tomorrow.

wokking my dinner; kai pad khing

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The photography came up really well! Nice one!