Thursday, 30 October 2008

100 kilo

When I weighed myself this morning, the scales gave the round number of 100.0 kilo. That's about 30 kilos less than what I started with at the beginning of this year. I'm sure it won't stay at 100, since my weight bounces up and down a bit. Tomorrow it might be 101 or 99 kilo. We'll see.

I walked to work, starting in Pretoriusstraat. On Steve Bikoplein workmen were removing the 'artwork'. I wonder what's going to replace it.

steve bikoplein

I walked along Ringvaart...

the house on the dike

... crossed the Middenweg and turned right onto Linneausparkweg. Here I saw the perfect car for Vincent. Just remove the front seat and sit in the back!

fiat 500

I walked down Kruislaan to work. The weather wasn't as nice as yesterday; it was grey and cold.


At work I wrote a php-script to interpret numbers from a database. We are going to bill our internet-exchange customers for the rack power they use and this script will measure all power in the different racks and make tables and graphs of the kw/h, the current and the temperature of the rack. A nice job, since it's different again from the normal web-design stuff I do.

After work I walked home via Nobelweg.


Somebody had taken a bike but left the wheel.

bike wheel

I dined on a doner kebab. After dinner I went to the Blokker and bought a Senseo coffeemaker for €100. In this financial crisis climate you have to spend money to make the economy go again. I'm just doing my duty here, but the coffee it makes tasted good, too.


Vincent said...

Did you actually know that Fiat brought the 500 out in a new model?

Anonymous said...

Well done Kees!
It's a great pleasure to brouse through your Blog, Nice photos, interesting and I know I'll be returnig to your blog dayly from now on!
Vicky - AU

Kees said...

@Vincent: I know, just like the Mini. It seems everybody wants retro cars again. Now we only have to wait for the T-Ford...

@Vicky: Welcome! Next time you and Tony go on vacation to Croatia you need to keep a photoblog, too!

Anonymous said...

I'll try to learn first! Sims complicated for me.

Renate said...

Congrats Mate!!!

That's really really awsome!

Guess you´ll be up to much smaller shirt sizes now too, right?

Will make sure to photograph you next time I see you to make sure all see the after-effect.

Anonymous said...

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