Saturday, 11 October 2008

artsy photos

Since I joined LinkedIn, a 'professional' social networking site, I 've been in contact with friends whom I hadn't seen in years. Tonight I was going to meet two of my old chums in Mulligans. Before that I was going to have dinner with Danny, though.

I walked along the Amstel and crossed the 'Magere Brug'. Next to the bridge is this old french fishing boat, the 'Ville de Gravelines'. Very pretty boat.


Keizersgracht also looked pretty in autumn colours.


The herring stal on Utrechtsestraat was doing good business.


In front of Mulligans was a girl in mini-skirt and high heels, talking on the phone. When she'd finished talking, she jumped on her 'bakfiets' and drove away.

high heels and bakfiets

In Mulligans I sat talking to Siard and Marta until Danny walked in. We went out straight away to the Stivale d'Oro in the hope of getting a table before they were full. Herma, the skinny daughter-in-law, gave us a window seat and remarked on how much weight I'd lost. Five minutes later people were waiting at the door to be seated.

During dinner, Danny and I talked about taking photos and the tricks you can do when the light is not optimal. This portrait is one of the tricks: expose for the light outside and then turn the underexposed inside into black and white. You can then increase the contrast on the black and white so the dark bits get better exposure. Artsy-fartsy photo, but a nice trick.

the world's not black and white…

After dinner we went back to Mulligans to wait for my friends. The first to arrive was T; he'd just spent 20 years living in Chile and had come back to Amsterdam in july. He's now loooking for an IT-job. Our mutual friend P didn't show up. In the end T emailed him from his iPhone. P responded that he'd put the wrong date in his agenda but that he'd be with us shortly. He made it from Heemstede to Amsterdam and found a parking spot within 25 minutes!

P had been working as CEO of a large multi-national until about six months ago when he decided he'd done everything he had wanted to do in business and quit. He's now getting bored again and is looking for a new challenge. It was good seeing both him and T again after so many years and we promised to keep in touch a bit more.

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