Thursday, 16 October 2008

the big banner

Beukenplein was still fairly dark this morning when I walked to Muiderpoort Station.


In the tunnel under the tracks at Muiderpoort the cleaners were hard at work. It didn't wake up the zombies who were going to work.

muiderpoort station

At work I was busy with the website change-over. Last minute panic: the Secure Certificates which encrypt traffic between server and browser didn't work. This could be a show-stopper! We were at the point of requesting new certificates from the Certificate Authority when one of my smarter colleagues noticed there were some strange 'invisible' characters in the cert file. When we got rid of those characters, the files checked out OK. It turned out they'd been mangled either by the mailer or by the mail client. I think it's better if the issuing authority sends those certs in a zip file. That way you don't run the risk of the certs being ruined in transport without seeing it immediately.

On the wall of the workshop the big ATLAS banner was being installed. This is the biggest printjob I've made thus far. About three seconds after I took the photo it started to lash down with hailstones and thunder. I made it inside just in time before I was soaked through and through. Five minutes later I went outside again to tell the guys on the scaffolding that being on top of a metal scaffolding in a thunderstorm is not a good idea… They'd already come to the same conclusion and were sheltering in their van. I got soaked.

atlas banner

Walking home I saw a whole row of seaguls lined up on the bridge in Frankendael. I tried to get closer to take a better photo, but they flew away when I got too close.

seagulls in frankendael

The skies and clouds are typically Dutch again. The view over the water to Restaurant the Kas was great; it would have been even better if the red and yellow autumn colours really came out. There's still a lot of green in the trees.

restaurant 'de kas'

The same can be seen on the Ringvaart; green all over but beautiful skies.

dutch skies over ringvaart

On Krugerplein, in front of my house, a TV crew were trying to interview people on the street. The local 'disadvantaged youth group of North African extraction' didn't approve. They thought the TV crew was filming them. To be fair, I think the item was about the neighbourhood being ruined by these guys… When a few police cars / bikes / motorcycles just drove slowly past they quieted down again and dispersed, leaving the TV crew to do their work.

I think if the police make a good offer to Sem, the owner of snackbar ZiZi (the one with the collapsed floor), he'd be willing to sell the place so they could have a police post on the square. If they also sold hamburgers and fries they'd make a great addition to the 'hood.

For dinner I made pandan rice and teriyaki beef with bean sprouts and cabbage. Later tonight I might go out for a drink with Miss Jo at Maxwell's.

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Nicole said...

Dear me, your banner really is a lot bigger! I do have a billboard up at the Darwin airport at the moment, but no photo, so I can't compete.