Friday, 3 October 2008

bleeping camera...

On the way to work I took three photos; at the third photo the camera started to bleep and said on the display "internal memory full". I had forgotten to put the memory-card back in last night. So, no photos today.

I met Jud at Mulligans after work; it was the first time in three months he'd been able to get a three-day flight to Amsterdam. All the other flights he could get were either six-day or nine-day trips. He prefers the three-day trips, since that means you do one trip every week and have the rest of the week free. He'd been flying to London instead.

Jud had booked a table at Blauw; an upscale and expensive restaurant on the Wallen. I'd had dinner there last year with Jud and went with him this time. The food was excellent and I had more wine tonight than I would normally drink in a month, all three glasses of it. After dinner Jud went back to the hotel and I went to Mulligans to see if my colleague JH was there. He wasn't, but two of Jud's co-pilots were there so I stayed for a chat with them and one last glass of Tullamore and then went home.

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