Sunday, 19 October 2008

dad's birthday

My Dad had his birthday last Wednesday, and today the whole clan was going travel far above the arctic circle to Groningen to celebrate. My nephew Mike was giving me a lift in the car to Musselkanaal. He would pick me up in Utrecht, so first I had to get there. I walked to Amstel Station. This is deserted on a Sunday morning; nice and quiet.

amstel station

The train dropped me off at Utrecht Central Station, where I waited for Mike to pick me up at the 'kiss & ride' at the Hoog Catharijne shopping mall.

butt ugly, better named 'barf & ride'

Mike was a little late which gave the time to drink my coffee. When he picked me up he said that his wife, Heidi, and their little girl Evi were not ready yet so we had to pick them up at the house. They'd just moved into a new house two months ago; a modern apartment right next to this 17th C. court yard. Very chic…

not so ugly

After a brief tour of the house we piled into Mike's new car (Toyota Prius Hybrid) and set off for the North Cape Musselkanaal. Two and a half hours of driving, most of which I used to keep my little grandniece Evi entertained. She was such a charmer at one year old that she kept me entertained, too!

We arrived at Santa's my parent's home around 11:30. The rest of the clan was already there. They live in the area so their travel time is around 10 minutes.

parent's house

My cousin Saskia and her husband Paul came too. I hadn't seen Saskia in over 20 years but she hadn't changed a bit. Paul I had seen a few times at work. He's a teaching physicist at the University of Amsterdam and sometimes drops in. It was really nice to see them again.

cousin saskia showing my mom some of her family photos

After lunch the gathering slowly broke up; Mike and Heidi went with my niece Esther and her boyfriend Patrick to have a look at their new house. They have moved in just a month ago in the nearby village of Buinen. I stayed for a while with Saskia, Paul and my sister Anneke. We left after about an hour so my Mom could have her rest. At 94 she needs her afternoon nap… My father was still going strong, trying to show me his photo collection on his laptop.

Paul and Saskia drove Anneke and me to Esther's house where I rejoined Mike and Heidi. After a tour of Esther's new place we drove back to Utrecht and Mike dropped me off at the station where I had to wait 10 minutes for the train.

utrecht central station

By now the sun was setting, so I made the traditional sunset photo from the train in the area of Breukelen.

two drab coloured areas divided by an orange-yellow thingamagob

In Amsterdam I picked up a Kai Pad Med Mamumang from the ThaiCoon. Danny had suggested yesterday to meet in Mulligans for the session tonight, but I was knackered after a long day. I watched Mythbusters instead.


danny said...

not too knackered to blog...

Vincent said...

@ Danny: Kees knows his priorities well ;-)

Kees, how did you like the Prius? Nic and I are thinking of buying one. It's fantastic that your dad uses a pc at his age btw. Not to say remarkable.