Tuesday, 21 October 2008


In the morning I worked from home for a while since I had to see my GP and afterwards I had an appointment with my dentist.

Across from my doctor's surgery was this dilapidated cargo bike. I stood watching it for a while since I was too early at the doctor's. I had to be there around 11:00 for the flu vaccination which they give to everybody in a risk group. I'm in the diabetic risk group and therefore the shot is free.


After the shot I walked through Oosterpark towards the dentist. This heron was admiring itself in the puddle.

checking his image

It was raining on and off, and I had to kill 45 minutes before my dentist appointment. A slow walk through the park was not as much fun as I thought it would be.

dark skies over oosterpark

I sat for a while in David's Coffee & Nuts; a little shop around the corner from the dentist's surgery. Good coffee; I only wonder why it is necessary to give things 'exotic' names. The coffees had names like 'fantasio' and 'exclusivo'. You might as well call them 'fellatio' or 'osteoporosio'.


The dentist gave me bad news: the jawbone above the molar that was hurting last week is in such bad shape that he can't save the molar. It'll have to go next time I see him, which is in about three weeks. He wouldn't extract the molar now because of the infection. He did promise me that this would probably be the last molar that needed extracting as the rest was in good condition.

I spent the rest of the day at work doing all sorts of little jobs. Walking home I saw another bakfiets. There wasn't much else to photograph.

another bakfiets

I had a mozarella salad for dinner.

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