Saturday, 4 October 2008

flickr meeting

This morning I only went out to do some shopping for food; the larder was empty.

In the afternoon I was meeting people from the Amsterdam-Oost Flickr group in Cafe Spargo on the Linnaeusstraat. I walked through Oosterpark ...


... past a space invader which I knew to be there but hadn't photographed yet.

space invader (AI_004)

In the duck pond near the feeding place I saw some idiot had thrown a bunch of coloured plastic bottles in the water. I don't know what the ducks make of it, but this is definitely not art.

floating bottles

About eight people showed up for the meeting; amongst them two fellow space-invader hunters and the moderator of the 'Oost' group. Beers (and cola light) were drunk, cheese and 'bitterballen' were eaten and a good time was had by all. I had to leave early since it was getting near dinner time. Maybe I'll be able to stay longer next time; there were plans in the making for a winter meeting with hot chocolate and rum…

I walked back via the Oosterpark road where I saw ... a yellow bike!

yellow bike

For dinner I had the mozarella salad with fruit for dessert.


Stewart said...

't was a pleasure meeting you

Juf Jo said...

Sounds like fun, im a member of that group, perhaps next time I'll come along.