Wednesday, 15 October 2008

the future is stuck

Wednesday's is the day I normally go to Hartog's bakery in the morning to get my half-a-loaf of whole wheat bread. Today I walked past Hartog when I realised I hadn't drunk any coffee yet. Panic! I decided to walk to Utrechtsestraat and find a cuppa there.

When I got there some idiot —who's apparently working for Siemens "the future is moving in"— had parked his van where you're not supposed to. Result: traffic jam. All traffic was backed-up two blocks. Cars couldn't get past trams and vice-versa. The future is stuck in the street.

idiot parking

I found my coffee in 'de koffiesalon'; one of those yuppie coffee places. The coffee was good, though, and so was the 'gevulde koek' I had. I sat there for half an hour, reading this morning's newspaper.


The weather was not too good; periods with rain and every now and then a dry spot. I walked back towards Frederiksplein and down Oosteinde.

On the canal next to Nassaukade a digger was grubbing on the bottom of the canal. I don't know if they were looking for bicycles or if they just wanted to deepen the canal.


I walked straight through Hemonystraat to the Ceintuurbaan, turned left and across the Amstel; as you can see still very grey and rainy.


This time I stopped at Hertog's and got my bread. I just love this shop. The smell of fresh whole wheat bread is overwhelming when you walk past. My stomach starts rumbling when I just think of it!


The rest of my shopping was done at AH; I got some beef strips, mixed Chinese vegetables, noodles and teriyaki sauce which I wokked for dinner. The rest of the day I stayed at home; there was too much rain to go out.


Vincent said...

That bakery looks sensational I must say. I can almost smell the bread overhere ;-)

Nicole said...

I used to get coffee there and I'm no yuppie :P

If you want a fantastic sandwich, go to Klavertje 4 on the Utrechtsestraat. Their Nr.1 was a lunchtime favourite of mine.

Kees said...

@nicole: you're young, urban and professional: yuppie!

@vincent: when you're back for a visit you have to try their whole wheat 'gevulde koek', sluuurppp...

Nicole said...

I'm 37, live in the back of a garden and a professional klutz more like it!