Wednesday, 8 October 2008

gevulde koek

I didn't blog much the last few days since my toothache has been getting worse and likewise my headache. I just wasn't in the mood.

Today I called my dentist and was told that the earliest he could see me was next Tuesday. I'll have to keep eating the pink ibuprofen pills until then. Bummer. Eating hurts, but I'll probably loose more weight not eating that much...

In spite of not eating much (or maybe because of) I developed an enourmous craving for a 'gevulde koek', a typical Dutch treat, and at Hartog's bakery they do a very good whole-wheat version so off I marched.

The sun was shining and on the corner of Populierenweg two old ladies were chatting away sitting on their rollators. They could keep an eye on the whole neighbourhood from their position.

neighbourhood watch

The five minute wait in the queue at Hartog's was worth it. The gevulde koek —only €1.25— was delicious and hurt my teeth like hell. Still, delicious. I walked to the Amstel to try and forget the pain. By the time I got to the corner of Ruyschstraat the pain was subsiding and the sun was throwing a strange light onto the building on the corner.

my home is my castle

Further down on the Amstel, in an inner court yard, is a very green building. I still haven't figured out why they gave permission to paint it in this colour. Usually the council doesn't like it when you paint buildings in a bright colour. I think they ought to do it more often.

living green

Somebody else had been thinking green as well; put your 'garden' in a cargo bike and you can take it wherever you go. I don't know who gave permission to paint the bike this hideous shade of pink, thought. It ought to be against the law...

mobile garden

On Wibautstraat, next to the old Parool building I saw a second-hand shop had opened. Lots of furniture and even more junk, but also some gems such as this weather station. I didn't ask how much it was. I had already asked the price of something I was willing to give two euros for and they wanted ten so I thought this would be unrealistically high as well.

weather station

Yesterday, coming out of work, I had bought a variety of food at the AH on Wibautstraat (better selection than the one below me) and tonight I made beef with vegetables, ramen noodles and hot basil sauce in the wok. It tasted good, but it hurt... I'll be glad when I can eat normally again.

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Nicole said...

"Neighbourhood Watch" made me laugh!!