Friday, 31 October 2008


I took the day off today. The weather was so nice I went for a long walk.

First to Weesperplein, where the skateboard shop had put their furniture outside.

skateboard chair

Across the Hoge Sluis...


...and into Utrechtsestraat.


In one of the shops they'd painted their Mac monitor to look like a face.

kissing mac monitor

I walked to Kalverstraat where I had a look at the jackets in V&D. Nothing there. I continued via Heiligeweg and Koningsplein to Leidsestraat. Herengracht was looking fine in the sun.


Leidsestraat was full of shoppers as usual. I couldn't find any nice clothes here either, so I stopped at the Bagels & Beans for lunch; coffee and a multi-grain bagel with old cheese.


Then onto Leidseplein, past the American Hotel.


And behind the Rijksmuseum. There was a giant banner for Damien Hirst's diamond skull "For the Love of God". It goes on exhibition here. Why a class act like the Rijksmuseum would want to exhibit such a trashy 'work of art' I don't know. Maybe they're only in it for the love of money.


I shuddered and walked on, past the US consulate. When the US has made global warming a reality by using up the last petrol on earth at least the police in Amsterdam will be able to keep their feet dry in rising sea levels.

stilt life

I turned the corner onto van Baerlestraat. I looked in the window of the 'Society Shop' but their suits are made for anorexics. Van Baerlestraat is still under construction, so if you walk on what is the left side in the photo, you have to walk on bumpy rubber mats, hemmed in by the wall on one side and a fence on the other side. It's about a meter wide and still you have bicyclists trying to ride their bike there. Idiots.

van baerlestraat

I cut through Marions' neighbourhood to the Ferd. Bolstraat. Also a mess, but here they at least leave enough room for a bicycle path.

ferd. bolstraat

I continued on Ceintuurbaan where I saw a Dutch Ute; much bigger than those dinky Ozzie ones… :-) This is the sort of car you need in Amsterdam traffic to cut a swathe through the throngs of cyclists.

bigger than ozzie utes

I crossed the Amstel again and did my shopping at the AH on Wibautstraat. On the corner an 'oliebollen' stand had set up shop. It's that time of year again when it seems they sprout on every street corner. I wonder where they go the rest of the year.


In the evening I walked back to Utrechtsestraat and had dinner at the Meghna Indian restaurant. The lights were already on in the street. With one month to go to St. Nicolas, and two months to go to Christmas I think it's a bit early.

utrechtsestraat again

After dinner I went to Mulligans. The usual suspects were sitting at the bar. Guitar player Dominic remarked on my apparent loss of weight. When I told him how much I weighed, he was shocked: he weighs six kilos more than I do now!

the usual suspects

Tonight was Hallowe'en, and in Mulligans that calls for a fancy dress party. Miriam had chosen something easy to work in this year. Sean was wearing blooded trousers and jacket. He was the Kentucky Fried Colonel.

miriam & kentucky fried sean

Maldwyn was wearing his waiter's tuxedo and had stuck on a moustache (which kept falling off!). He was supposed to look like Manuel from Fawlty Towers, but I thought that if he had clipped the moustache a bit more he would have made a dashing Hitler…

maldwyn 'i know nothing'

Alex came as the X-men's Wolverine. People thought at first look that he was Elvis until they looked at his hands. The claws are home made by Alex. Good job.

alex 'wolverine'

Silvy was dressed up as Alex DeLarge (Clockwork Orange) while Nantko was a murderous barber with blood covered cut-throat razor. He was offering free shaves to everybody. Everybody declined.

silvy & nantko

Marion and Danny had been very busy with their knitting needles. Viking helmets, hair and beards were produced. A lot of work for a single night's show off. I told them to wear it to the Winter Banquet in Hamburg we're going to in December. I'll wear something equally silly.

marion & danny 'wannabe vikings'

Aly was a throwback to the 1960s. She got cat calls from the whole bar when she walked in.

aly as a 1960s throwback

I didn't last very long; I had promised Miriam to be the judge for the fancy dress competition but I was so tired after today's walking (more than 20 km all together!) that I went home early. Next year I'll have a rest before going out.


Anonymous said...

Lovely dresses!Good effort.
HALLO NANTKO, good to see you again!
Kees, I recognised some places you visited today!
Have a nice weekend,

danny said...

When referring to all things Oz, I believe one should use antipodean emoticons... (-:
Nice Hallowe'en pics! Sean got 1st prize btw, Nantko 2nd, and Marion & me 3rd.

Vincent said...

Awesome blog today Kees! Love the photo's. That car is a 'truck'. It's American. It comes close to a Ute though. And Holden has actually started exporting Utes to the USA recently, I think they will be a big hit there.

Seeing all that construction makes me feel... Things I felt when i was living in A'dam. I can only associate it with incredibly bad planning, very under staffed work sites and workmen who have no clue what they're doing or are too lazy. Everything in A'dam takes fucking ages.

I love the oliebollenkraam. As a matter of fact we're planning to get some poffertjes ourselves today!

The Halloween photo's are fantastic. I really only miss Mulligans and the people there. The photo of Danny and Marion is SO funny. I love their costumes. They make them look very cute ;-) Excellent effort of Alex as well though. Alie looks smashing. I'm sure she's just wearing some of her old 'gear' ;-)

Anonymous said...

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