Monday, 13 October 2008

hands in your pockets

It is getting darker and darker every morning when I walk to work. This morning it was already so dark that when I wanted to make a photo of the wed-and-walk scootmobile I had to use the flash. Wed-and-walk turns out to be a fake wedding for a day; they supply wedding dress and a nice environment and then give you a fake ceremony. Photo included.

wed and walk

The Middenweg is still under construction; whole stretches are broken up.


The yellow machine cuts the asphalt between the rails, shreds it and then dumps it in the truck. A few years ago you'd still see guys with jackhammers and shovels doing this. Now it is one guy in the yellow machine and one guy in the truck. Plus, of course, a guy with his hands in his pockets watching the operation who probably gets paid more than the two drivers together.

asphalt cutter

Work was running from one meeting to the next: an overview of present and future projects; preparations for the 2008 annual report and last but not least, website change-over. The change-over would have been last Friday, but was postponed due to teething problems… Now we're aiming for Thursday or Friday.

Walking back along Middenweg I saw a peaceful little side canal.

side canal

I feel sorry for the new proprietors of Frankendael; just when you've finished your big renovation some idiot breaks up the road right in front of your establishment, puts fences all around your entrance and rips out the tramrails. Now the only entrance to Frankendael Villa is through the park. The only entrance to the park where you can get in is on the other side of the park… While they were renovating I thought it would be nice to go and have an after-work drink here. I guess that'll have to wait until spring.


When I got home I made a noodles, vegetables and lemon-ginger chicken thing in the wok. Very yummy, if I may say so myself.

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Nicole said...

I always found it a bit sad when the days got shorter in Amsterdam, knowing the long and wet winter was almost at the door.