Monday, 6 October 2008

headache and toothache

I have two molars that are beginning to give me some grieve, so I'll have to call the dentist this week to see if I can see him earlier than my regular six-monthly visit in November. The toothache makes me eat ibuprofin like candy, which gives me a bursting headache. I called in sick and went back to bed after breakfast.

In the late afternoon I had to do some shopping. The Transvaalstraat looks pretty in its autumn colours.


I walked along the Ringvaart to the HEMA where I bought t-shirts, socks and kitchen scissors.


Coming home I bought a Chorizo salad at AH which took only 10 minutes to prepare. It tasted good, but eating was hell with the toothache. You just don't enjoy your dinner this way.

The bleak mood I'm in now made me think of a photo I took a few years ago in Scotland. In black-and-white it looks the way I feel.


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