Saturday, 18 October 2008

the lost billy

Danny is redecorating her house, and consequently slavery is brought back. I was told to be there this afternoon to help emptying and breaking down her bookcases. Nantko had received a likewise command. Off I went to make the trip to Amsterdam-North. First to Central Station, which is still a mess.

central station

I had wanted to take the ferry to North and then walk to Danny's, but at CS it looked like it was going to rain so I took the bus. I was half an hour early at Danny's, so I helped her prepare the dinner. She was cooking a beef and Guinness stew with spuds, onions and carrots. I dutifully stirred the onions and the beef until they'd browned and even poured some Guinness into the sauce! If I don't watch out I'll be a chef someday.

After a while Nantko arrived as well. We sat down for a cup of tea.

cuppa tea

Danny has bought Lundia bookcases, which will be delivered on Tuesday. We had to empty and break down the metal rack above her desk and an IKEA Billy bookcase in the corner. Nantko was promised the metal rack so he finally has a place to put all his DVDs and I was promised the Billy since my house is already full of them.

the desk (before)

While Danny was puttering around in the kitchen, Nantko and I emptied the lot and stacked everything in Danny's pottery workshop. We then broke up the racks and bookcase and stacked those in the garden shed for later pick-up.

the desk (after)

Dinner was served and was a great success; I'd never had a Guinness beef stew before and it tasted very good. We also had home made bread which was very tasty and useful for mopping up the sauce.

Sitting on the couch after dinner, I said to Danny that the door to the bedroom is never used since she always goes through the hallway door. Why not put the Billy there? Lots more room for books that way. Everybody agreed it was a good idea if the Billy would only fit in the door frame. Danny didn't think it would fit so she measured the frame. It was exactly as wide as the Billy, so we brought it back from the shed and —with some IKEA swearwords— put it back together again. It fitted beautifully and, as a consequence, will not go home with me. Me and my big mouth…

We sat around some more, watching TV, until I realised I had to go home to do the dental ritual. So, in order not to anger the Tooth God I hurried home and had my mouthwash.


Nicole said...

Can't wait to see the "after" photos at Danny's! It all sounds like an eventful day.

Juf Jo said...

What is a Billy?

Vincent said...

Haha, that's so funny Kees. You should have shut up LOL. But I like the way the Billy is used now.

@ Joeri: Google for IKEA and Billy :-) Apparently a billy is also Australian slang for a tea pot. But I don't think they put a tea pot in the door frame :-)

Juf Jo said...

I'm against Ikea ;)