Monday, 27 October 2008

njang swietie!

Yesterday was one long outpouring of rain. I stayed at home and scanned in some old family-photo negatives that my father gave me last week. There are a few hundred negatives, and it takes about 5 minutes to scan and clean one. This is a project that's going to take some time…

This morning the day started just fine; the sun was shining and I could stay in bed an hour longer since we have changed to winter time. When I was eating breakfast I saw the workmen at ZiZi's across the road were already busy pouring the new concrete floor.

zizi's new floor

The end of Daylight Saving Time also means that we have more light in the morning. Last week it was getting too dark to make photos, today the light was just fine. I walked to Muiderpoort Station, stopping for a photo on Linnaeusstraat.


Today was the big day: we were going to switch over to our new webserver and our new website running on our new content management system in our new database. The old server now runs our webmail and a bunch of websites we provide for third parties. The change-over was quite complex; new secure certificates on all machines, subtle changes in the configurations between the different servers, etc. We decided that staring at the config files wasn't going to bring us any further, so at 10:00 we stopped/started the http daemons with new configs and switched the DNS.

Almost everything was as it should be! There were some configuration errors that we hadn't caught earlier, some URLs that went nowhere and some things that we had completely forgotten about! All was as expected. The day was full of small repair jobs. (Actually, I am still doing small repairs as I am writing the blog at 21:00…)


the new website

After work I was going to meet Anna for dinner, but she emailed me that her BF had arrived in town unexpectedly and she was using the opportunity to use him as a donkey to carry half of IKEA to her appartment. Maybe meet in Mulligans after dinner? I declined; still too much small stuff to do on the website. We'll have dinner another day.

I took the bus to Amstel Station and walked along the Amstel. The sky was filling up rapidly with clouds.


At some stage it looked like the alien mothership was going to land in Amsterdam-Zuid!

alien mothership coming in to land

I hurried to the Surinamese take-away on Vrolijkstraat where I got a saoto soup and a ketjap beef chow-mein, which in Surinamese Dutch is spelled in a totally different way. It started to rain just when I got to the front door. The food was great. Njang swietie!

last minute update: Danny has 'after' photos of the new living-room interior on her blog.


Juf Jo said...

Are you going to share your familyhistory online as well?
I'd love to see your old family photos.

Vincent said...

You better enjoy your daylight saving morning this week coz that howlong it will take to be dark again. I never liked that much. You leave to work in the dark and you come home in the dark...