Wednesday, 22 October 2008


No food in the house, no coffee, not in the mood to go to AH; I went to town to find the stuff I need.

I walked past the OLVG, down the Wibautstraat to Waterlooplein.

's gravesandestraat / oosterpark

From Waterlooplein I walked through Jodenbreestraat to the St. Anthoniesluis, where I wanted to drink a cup of coffee at the Sluyswacht. It was closed.

st. anthoniesluis

I pushed on to Nieuwmarkt, where all of a sudden the Waag jumped into my state of zombiness. They sell coffee!

nieuwmarkt, waag

I went inside and, since I was the only customer, was helped by three staff: one to give the already sparkling clean table an extra swipe, one to give me a menu and the third to take down my order. "One coffee". This took only two staff to produce; one to actually fill the cup and one to bring it to me.

waag interior

I like the show so much I had another cup of coffee. Thus fortified for further exploits I set off on Zeedijk. I had never really stopped and looked at the Chinese Buddhist temple. Pretty building.

chinese buddhist temple

I cut through the 'Wallen' to the Oudekerksplein, crossed the Damrak and went to C&A. The last time I was there was over 30 years ago. After that I didn't fit in the clothes they sell. Now I do. I couldn't make up my mind if and what I should buy, so I walked out again and made my way to the Dam where there's a fairground at the moment.

fairground on the dam

I wanted to see if Peek & Cloppenburg had something for me. Another shop I hadn't seen in years. Before I could make it to the entrance, I was stopped by Barrack Obama and the Secret Service. He was handing out flyers to the shoppers.

obama and secret service guy

They made a photo of me for the Secret Service Family Photo Album™.

obama and yours truly

I made my escape and browsed through P&C. Nothing there either. Maybe I should ask one of the more fashion conscious girlfriends to come with me to instruct me in the art of shopping.

I decided to walk through Kalverstraat, hoping that something would catch my eye. The only thing that caught my eye was a police car in front of a jewellery store that had just been robbed…


By this time it was getting near lunch time, so I made my way to the Beiaard on Spui where I had a very good Tuna Salad Wrap. I then went to Hampe's music shop where I talked to Siard for a while. He asked me to bring Anna to Mulligans tomorrow night so his girlfriend Marta would want to come out too.

From Spui I walked through Kalverstraat, across Rembrandtplein and onto the Amstel.


I crossed the 'Magere Brug', and walked back to Wibautstraat. On the fence around the grounds where the Amstel Campus is to be build the graffiti artists had painted a base coat over the old graffiti. It looks better when they do it this way because you don't get multiple layers of graffiti stacked. The old graffiti had been there for a few months, so it looks like they have some sort of alternating agreement.


I got some bread at Hartog's bakery and some cheese at Erik's on Beukenplein and made my way home.


For dinner I just had some of the whole wheat bread with old archeological cheese.

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I like the 'fair' photo very much :-)