Tuesday, 14 October 2008

plywood tunnel

I woke up early this morning; a helicopter was hovering overhead. These things make a lot of noise when they're not moving on!

I walked throught Frankendael to the Middenweg.

frakendael in autumn colours

When I got to the Kruislaan, I took the #40 bus to work. While waiting for the bus I was talking to my colleague J who lives around the corner from me. Usually he takes the bike to work; not so today. Why not? "The riot police was evicting the squatters in the house across the road and I couldn't get to the bicycle storage".

That's why that helicopter woke me up; it was there for the eviction. Good thing I walked through Frankendael; if I had gone through Pretoriusstraat I would have been turned away by the police.

When we got to work the sun was just peeking over the horizon behind the UvA buildings.

sunrise over the UvA buildings on kruislaan

At work I spent the whole day going through Apache configuration files to prepare for the big website switch. It is fairly complex: multiple domains, multiple machines, some secure layers, some plain. New version of Apache and PHP; a CMS on one machine and old-fashioned html on the other and both have to work simultaneously. I think I've got it sorted now, but only the real switch will tell. Maybe I should move to Patagonia if it doesn't work…

I walked home via the Indische Buurt. On the corner of Molukkenstraat they're building a new block of apartments. All have been sold already. I wonder who's holding the mortgage on them.

crane and tree

Passing under the railroad going to Polderweg I saw they'd put plywood sheets up in the tunnel. I peeked behind the sheets: they're painting the walls a nice, flat grey.

This tunnel —and the area around it— is one of the most graffiti-painted areas in the east. I think both the virgin plywood and the wall behind it will not stay blank for long…

plywood tunnel

This is what you see when you walk out of the tunnel.

clover graffiti

For dinner I got a mozarella salad from AH. I'm getting really fond of these mozarella salads; they taste wonderful with the balsamico vinegar!

Friend Mic just sent me a link to an important website: http://hasthelargehadroncolliderdestroyedtheworldyet.com/

If you're a geek, nerd or programmer, please also look at the source of that page!


Vincent said...

I like the graffiti. That url is a waste of money...

Juf Jo said...

Is Frankendael a place where I could walk my dogs?
Ive never been there but walk passed it every year on Queensday and think to myself that I should go and visit it some time...

I hate grafitti with a passion, unless its pre 1945 of course.
Such a waste of paint and it ruins so many buildings and sites.

By the way, today the new Apple macbooks have been presented, they look nice but they didnt make then cheaper as I had hoped.
Also theres no firewire cable, no photocard slot, only 2 usb, etc.
I want the new model but krikey, paying more then 1000 euros for it... I need a rich husband fast!