Tuesday, 28 October 2008

power dip

The rain was pouring down this morning so I thought "why not take the #37 bus to work?" After all, they run every 10 minutes to Amstel Station and there it's only a 5 minute wait for the #40. Of course, the bus was 35 minutes late. In the bus I heard over the driver's radio connection to the back office that there were traffic jams all over the Amsterdam area and that all buses to and from the north were delayed. The 37 goes north…

I finally arrived at work only to find all my colleagues hysterical. Last night at 21:00 our Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) was interrupted. Our set-up is [power company] -> [UPS (battery chamber with diesel generator)] -> [server room]. The battery room had failed (the diesel never switched on since we still had outside power) and so we were in the strange position that everything worked except the stuff that should work when there's a power cut!

They managed to get a bypass around the battery room organized so the server room had power again around midnight. You can see the dip in the graph. The throughput dropped from about 525 Gigabit/second to around 300 Gb/s. This means that just under half of the internet traffic in the Netherlands goes through the hardware behind my room…

3, 2, 1, dip!

All our own server hardware had failed too. File servers, webservers, all were down. We spent the day checking all servers and bringing them online again. Some services were in a strange state after being so brutally interrupted, and had to be gently persuaded to start again.

When calm had returned it was time to go home. Skies were dark over the Ringvaart.


I walked along the Ringvaart to home; a route I normally take in the morning. Now you look at things from the other side and one of those views is the Hogeweg with the Rembrandt tower in the background.


The skies were getting darker by the minute; about 500 meters from home the rain started to come down and by the time I got to my block thunder and lightning were erupting too. I was soaked when I hit the front door.

Dinner was the second half of last night's Surinamese-Indonesian Beef Chow-Mein.

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Nicole said...

You'll be amazed, but we had a bit of rain this evening too. A few drops.

That's a great photo of Hogeweg!