Saturday, 25 October 2008


I didn't make many photos on Friday; it was too dark in the morning.

junk-laden 'bakfiets' in the dark.

In the evening we had a party organised by work to celebrate the inauguration of the Large Hadron Collider in CERN, Switzerland. There was a buffet with food and a laser light-show with pretty pictures of the experiments.

atlas experiment in the laser light-show

Saturday I took the #3 tram to Zoutkeetsgracht, the end of the line. My grandparents and both my father and mother lived here on Planciusstraat; they were neighbours.


I walked around a bit in the area. I think the last time I was here was about 50 years ago… Some of the area looks very nice.


I walked to Prinseneiland for the first time in my life. Very nice neighbourhood. Lots of restored warehouses which are now very expensive apartments.


From Prinseneiland I walked onto Bickerseiland and then to Haarlemmerdijk. This was extremely busy with shoppers. It has lately become a fashionable place to go shopping; lots of little boutiques and shops.


From Haarlemmerdijk onto Nieuwendijk


And to the Dam. The fair was in full swing; nothing more so than the 'accelerator.' This thing turns around at a ridiculous speed. Nobody pukes because centrifugal force holds the puke in your body…

fair on the dam

I walked through Kalverstraat and Vijzelstraat to Wetering Circuit, where I took the #7 tram home. I was getting a little tired.


I dined on one of AH's fine shrimp salads.


Nicole said...

I love your photo-journeys. The morning darkness and wetness gave me a bit of a flashback to those awful mornings of trying to get myself to work in those unpleasant conditions.

Vincent said...


Renate said...

Forgot that the fair stays for a long time! Was there over a week ago and was totally amazed - not so much by the centrifuge as by the swing carousel. When I was a kid, they only swung you around but didn't take you 20 meters up into the air as well...

On another note: did you also play the CERN game at the party on Friday night?