Friday, 17 October 2008

road kill in rat's piss

I was awake most of the night; the gums around the extracted molar were swollen up and painful. In the morning I called the dentist to see if I should start taking the antibiotics he'd prescribed 'just in case'. He asked me some questions about the state of the gums and then told me to get hydrogen peroxide 3% and chlorhexidine. I have to use the hydrogen peroxide with a piece of gauze and hold it three times a day for three minutes on the swollen spot. The chlorhexidine is used as an antiseptic mouthwash since I can't brush my teeth.

After using the first gauze with hydrogen peroxide, the swelling broke. It tasted like roadkill stewed in rat's piss… Definitely something not right there. I have to continue the gauze and mouthwash ritual for three days to kill all the dental daemons. The dentist also told me to come and see him on Monday. I think it is a complot to prevent me from getting the new website online. I told him Monday was out of the question. I now have an appointment on Tuesday, in his (and mine!) lunch break.

I worked from home, it being easier to do all the dental rituals here. I only left the house to get the stuff at the chemist's. No photos today, I'm afraid.


Renate said...

Ack! I do remember that taste. Though I would usually look on the bright side of it all: once you experience it, the worst is over :-)
Mind you, I used to sterilise the 'clean gums' with spirits such as vodka or whisky... guess your dentist can't prescribe that ;-)
Hang in there, mate!!!

Vincent said...

Oh man, I was eating pancakes for breakfast. I usually read your blog during breakfast. I wish I hadn't this time :-/

But I hope it's getting better for you.