Thursday, 2 October 2008


Autumn has really arrived now. The temperature's dropping and the humidity is going up all the time with all the cloud bursts we're having. When I walked throught the rain to Muiderpoort Station I wasn't really in the mood to take my camera out and make beautiful shots of the city. My mood is shown by the following photo.

broken bike and garbage can

One thing I did take my camera out for is making photos of 'bakfietsen', cargo bikes and yellow bikes. Don't ask why; I have no good reason for this behaviour, other than to have an excuse to take the camera out…

yellow bike (one of many)

In the morning I worked on the 3-D picture for the new Einstein Telescope poster. I spent a long time googling for pictures and illustrations of rock strata, since I need to have such a texture as part of the background. I didn't really find what I was looking for so I'll have to roll my own rocks. A task worthy of Sisyphus.

In the afternoon I posted some press releases and, together with colleague JH, tried to make some sense of the overload of php-scripts on a webserver for high-school astrophysics. Four years of undergraduate and graduate students wreaking havoc in the server's web directory had made a nice mess. We managed to do a bit of house cleaning, such as switching off the MySQL daemon on the server as it wasn't being used anymore. This also stops our early warning system from generating error messages for a service we don't need.

I walked home via Kastanjeplein. It was raining again (or maybe still).


In 2e Oosterparkstraat was a more cheerful sight: a 'bakfiets' with a bunch of flowers attached to the handle bars. The orange paint on the bike looked cheerful, too.

flower arrangement

I also saw YAYB (yet another yellow bike); also cheerful, but no flowers…

yellow 'bakfiets'

For dinner I had the second half of yesterday's Kai Pad Mamuang.


Vincent said...

I like the bicycles a lot. I think it's a cool object to photograph. Do you just do bakfietsen and yellow bikes or would you photograph extraordinary bikes as well? (like my chopper?)

Kees said...

I make photos of all bikes that -in my opinion- are interesting. That includes choppers, tandems, strange colour schemes, everything and anything. I haven't seen many choppers on the street, though.