Tuesday, 11 November 2008

almost bankrupt

Going to work this morning the rain was pouring down, so I took the #37 bus to Amstel Station. Of course, once I got there it had stopped raining. I took the #40 to work.

A reasonable quiet day at work; some more php programming and then a request to look at the ins and outs of monitoring shared memory usage of the apache http daemon. Something quite different.

I walked back home via Jeruzalem. This rather green neighbourhood is awash with colour this time of the year.


Frankendael Park is also very colourful.

frankendael greens and yellows

I really like the reds, but most trees in Amsterdam have yellow leaves.

frankendael reds

These yellow and brown leaves can hide your 'bakfiets' if it has the same camouflage colours.

yellow bakfiets

The little bronze statuettes I showed yesterday are mounted on the block in the left of the photo. If you click on the photo and go to Flickr, you can zoom in on the door at the corner and see some of them above the door.

schalk burgerstraat

Just a random picture of a random sunset somewhere in the world…


I walked into AH to get dinner. When I wanted to pay, the PIN-machine told me the transaction had failed: please pay cash. I did, thinking that the Postbank had probably gone bankrupt during the day due to the financial crisis and I was now a pauper. It was almost as bad.

There was a letter from the Postbank in my letterbox; it said that I had used my card in a spot where they had noticed card-skimming and they had pro-actively blocked my card. They'll send me a new one in the next few days. Thanks very much! Luckily I still have €55.– in my wallet so I can buy food but what if I didn't have any cash?


Juf Jo said...

That's what you get with this silly modern stuff!
I prefer real money... guilders of course!

Anonymous said...

Lucky you had that money! I like the colors in your pics, so beautiful!
Viki !

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see pictures of 'my' Jeruzalem on a blog. You take great pictures by the way. And made me think about walking around more (with or without a camera) instead of taking the #40 or the #9. And maybe I actually will ;-)