Sunday, 16 November 2008

black sheep

Since rain was forecast for today I went for a walk. The weather was beautiful. How do professional meteorological data users such as pilots solve the problem that the forecast has nothing whatsoever to do with the reality? They fly above the weather, that's what they do. I don't have that choice so I walked towards town.

Past the Oosterpark and across the singelgracht to Artis, the zoo.


Across from the zoo is a 'poffertjes' restaurant. I didn't go in.

iverse pannenkoeken • poffertjes

Once in Artis I went to the petting zoo where I did my duty and petted the black sheep that tried to eat my camera. It survived my petting. My camera survived too.

black sheep

Behind the petting zoo is another 'poffertjes' restaurant, Old Dutch in this case. I didn't go in. I'm strong willed and stubborn as a goat (also available in the petting zoo).

oudhollandsch poffertjeshuis

Miss Jo had advised me that her uncle Arie had made some sculptures which were on display in the zoo. I didn't see any, but I did find a family resemblance in this sculpture...

arie teeuwisse?

Zoo architecture has come a long way from this 1916 stable in the Minangkabau style. I like it though. Maybe it is not as functional as a concrete shell, but I think it looks better.

minangkabau house, 1916

I had coffee in the Cheetas restaurant and then took the side exit. I walked past the Muiderpoort.


Around the Tropical institute and into the Oosterpark. The children's playground behind the Institute was empty, which gave me the chance to make a photo without being bowled over by a gazillion kids.

behind the tropical institute

Most of the park was fairly quiet; most people probably still believe in weather forecasts. Or maybe they believe in St. Nicholas, who was making his official entry in Amsterdam around this time today.


In the evening I went to Mulligans.


Juf Jo said...

"Zijn bekendste leerling was Arie Teeuwisse (1919-1992) en ook van hem is veel moois in de Tuin te vinden; de Serval en de Vos bij het Kleine Zoogdierenhuis (1980), de kleine Ark van Noah bij de Vogelweide (1963) en het beeld van oud-directeur A. Sunier bij het Wisentenperk (1987)"

Vincent said...

That last photo is beautiful. I love how they build that shed. And I like the monkey statue :-)

Anonymous said...

As I can see, you had a NICE walkabout today! Made me laugh and enjoy the scenery, thank you Kees!

Anonymous said...

"Made me laugh " - some comments, I mean!

s g collins said...

wow that's a really good picture in oosterpark.
s g collins