Monday, 17 November 2008

check-up time

Last night I went to Mulligans with Danny and Marion; we had two whiskies each and added the newly brought in books to the book collection for Bookcrossing. The session was good, Siard was back from his trip to Chicago and was in great form on the fiddle.

We all left early; Danny had to get up at 06:00 to get the train to work in Leiden, Marion was working on her free day, spending the remnant of this year's budget buying books for work and I had to go to the diabetes check-up in the morning.

The Oosterpark was almost empty when I walked to the container office that houses the diabetes checker-uppers. I met only one other person.

I was the first person they were seeing this morning so I could go right in and talk with the guy who does my three-monthly checks. I had my blood sampled two weeks ago, but he hadn't got the results from the lab. So he called them to see what the numbers were. After rolling the dice the lab decided that my HbA1c (the long-period glucose level, should be 4%–5.9%) was 5.7. Spot on! My sober GL was 5.1, also spot on. He asked me if I had eaten and I had to admit that I had: 200 grams of mixed fruit. This will significantly raise your GL if you're diabetic. He tested me on the spot: 5.3: low. I showed him my weight loss graph and he was impressed: "I only see this once or twice in a year". He wanted to keep the graph to use as an example for others.

One of these days I'll go and see my GP to discuss the medication; it could be lowered with these values.

oosterpark, looking towards the container office

After work I took the #40 to Amstel Station and walked out the back of the station. It was very overcast and grey.


Walking along the Amstel I noticed a smoke plume coming from the Nederlandse Bank, the circulation bank.

the amstel

Here's a zoomed-in version of the above photo. I thought that maybe they were burning money to stop inflation, but it turned out to be an optical illusion. The smoke came from a chimney behind the bank.What they were burning there I don't know, but it must have been a lot to make that much smoke.

burning money?

I did my shopping for the next few days at the AH on Wibautstraat and walked home.


Anonymous said...

Well done, Kees! I am proud of your effort! Keep going,
Viki :-)

Vincent said...

Could it be the Sloterdijk chimney? Or is that too far? Probably too far huh?

Nicole said...

It's the Sloterdijk chimney. They are closer than you think, just behind the station really.