Thursday, 6 November 2008

collins is back

I walked to Muiderpoort Station. I think I was a few minutes earlier than other days, since there were a lot of people waiting on the platform. Normally when I walk by the station the platform is empty because the train has just left.

muiderpoort station

At work I was still busy with the make-over of the ams-ix pages. I've moved a couple of cgi-bin shell scripts to php. My aim is to get rid of all cgi-bin scripts. That'll take a while, but I've got time and patience.

After work I took the bus to Muiderpoort from where I walked into town. First down the Dapper Market.

dapperstraat market

Then past the Muiderpoort itself onto Plantage Middenlaan, past the Artis Zoo. The T-Rex in the zoo was looking hungry, but then he always does.

t-rex in artis zoo

Past the Hortus Botanicus, which has what I believe to be the only two open-air palm trees in Amsterdam.

the only palm trees in amsterdam

Across the Amstel and to Mulligans.

the amstel

In Mulligans I met up with Anna and Collins. Collins had just returned from a two month visit to the US. It was good to see him again. The three of us went out to dinner at the Meghna Indian restaurant in Utrechtsestraat. Anna said she wasn't hungry after eating her Mulligatawny soup and them proceeded to eat twice as much as I did for the main course… Afterwards we retired to Mulligans for drinks. We sat and talked with Jon Kenny.

collins, anna & jon

We didn't last long; everybody was a bit tired after dinner so we broke up around 21:00. I walked home via the Amstel. The lights were on at the Hermitage. They're getting close to opening now, I think. When they do open I think I'll go for a visit.

the hermitage annex on amstel

Walking past the street where Miss Jo lives I saw the Arena Hotel was playing with a search light against the clouds. It looked like a WW2 scene. I hope Miss Jo had her black-out curtains closed. We don't want any 500-pounders dropping on our neighbourhood!


Juf Jo said...

Next time you go to Artis try and get some pictures from the statues my great-uncle (or someting) made for the zoo.

I saw the searchlights as well, my curtains are always closed ;)
The 50th anniversary of the Film Academy was being celebrated, lots of old friends getting drunk and dancing to horrible music.

Vincent said...

Hi Anna, Jon and Steve!

I like the T-Rex eating the trees :-)

Nicole said...

Yaaaaaaay! It's so great to see Stephen and Anna and Jon! It's looking very coolish and autum-like in Amsterdam. I love your photo of the t-rex looking like he's eating the tree!