Thursday, 27 November 2008

dark, doom and drizzle

It's too dark for any meaningful photography, so here are just a few photos I took in the last few days. They're not the best photos ever, but hey, that's life…

I would like to start, however, with a photo I took two years ago and which I just found again. It's Gertrude, behind the bar in Mulligans. This, I think, is one of the better portraits I made of her.


The last couple of days the weather has been bad; cold and drizzle conspire against photography. Coming home on Tuesday I made this picture of the cranes along the Ringvaart [!]; they're at the building site where the new Casa 400 Hotel is being built.


Wednesday I was walking into town when, passing Hartog's, I saw this yellow bike with Dappermarkt ads on it. I had just bought myself a 'gevulde koek' but waited eating it until I made the photo. Pure willpower.

yellow bike in front of hartog's bakery

I walked down Wibautstraat, Weesperstraat and onto the Nieuwe Herengracht. The old Amstelhof is now renovated and renamed the Hermitage. It will be an annex to the Hermitage in Leningrad St. Petersburg when it is finished. For now they've just opened the stretch along the canal to pedestrians. With no cars parked here it must look as it did sixty years or a century ago.


I ended up at Mulligans where I met with Collins and Jud (who had flown in from Seattle). We went for dinner at the Nachtwacht where we splurged on gigantic steaks. Very tasty. I hadn't been in the Nachtwacht in ages and it was good to eat one of their excellent steaks again.

Today was again dark, doom and drizzle and no photos. At work this week I've been busy with the annual report. Dinner today was an AH 'Boerenkool met Worst', cale and sausage meal. Typical winter food, it didn't taste as good as my Kapucijners did earlier in the week. Maybe I should cook more often.


Vincent said...

I feel for you poor sods in the shit weather...

Colin Brace said...

Apropos of the photo of the cranes and the new "Casa 400 Hotel", can someone please explain to me why Amsterdam needs more hotels? Aren't there enough tourists already?