Thursday, 20 November 2008

fallen leaves

It is now so dark when I leave the house that I don't see daylight until I get to work. Walking into the gate this morning I saw the gardeners had been busy gathering the fallen leaves. There were huge piles of leaves all over the campus.

heaps of leaves in the science park

I spent the day doing all sorts of little jobs, from mending php-scripts that had stopped working after our server upgrade to advising a graduate student on what to do with illustrations for his PhD-thesis. A quiet and relaxing sort of day.

Going home I walked past Frankendael. It was already getting dark; too dark for photos I thought. Renate had berated me a few days ago for not making photos in the dark. "Use the flash if you have to," she said. Frankendael is too big to use a flash. I could ask the people at work to build me a big flash, but the Netherlands have signed the non-proliferation treaty so we're not allowed to build H-bombs…

Instead I experimented with the manual settings on the little camera. Using a bridge railing for support I took the photo below. Settings were shutter speed 1/4th of a second with an aperture of f.5 at ISO 800. It looks like daylight but it was already dark. I won't be making too many photos like this; it takes too long to get all the settings right and I had to take about five photos before I had one that was half-way decent. Too much work for such a boring subject, and the colours come out a bit wonky.


When I got home I read on Nicole's blog that her grandma had died today. I was sorry to hear that and left her a message to say so. Feel free to do the same; her blog's url is on the side.


Nicole said...

The leaves look lovely. It's so funny how we live in opposing seasons. Thanks for your message :)

s g collins said...

"but the Netherlands have signed the non-proliferation treaty so we're not allowed to build H-bombs…"
dammit! now what am i gonna do with all my h-bombs?
s g collins