Saturday, 22 November 2008

first snow

Yesterday a storm was blowing over Holland; I didn't go on the street any longer than necessary to get to work and back. No photos; the camera would have blown out of my hands…

This morning I woke up to the sound of snow falling from the sky.

first snow

The snow didn't stay very long; later in the day the sun broke through and after lunch I walked to the Metro station on Wibautstraat and took a train to the Bijlmermeer. I wanted to go and buy a fleece jacket since the one I have (an old Mulligans one) is slowly falling to pieces. Once I got to Bijlmer Station, I didn't go towards the Arena but went to the "Amsterdamse Poort" shopping mall instead.

amsterdamse poort

The last time I was here was over 20 years ago when I bought my curtains here. I had just moved into my new house. All the shops have changed since then, but the ING bank building was still there. This is a 'green' building; the air circulation in the building makes a micro climate which means you don't need airco or heating (or very little of it).

ing bank 'castle'

Walking through the mall I saw Saint Nicholas and his helpers, the black Peters, talking to the children on the street.

st. nicholas and helpers

Better to work for St. Nicholas than going into fraud. The infamous advanced fee fraud, also known as the Nigerian 419 scam is perpetrated in a large part by Nigerians from the Bijlmermeer, according to police briefings. I wonder if this shop is the 419 HQ?

419 nigerian scam(m) HQ?

I bought a fleece jacket for €7.99 at the Zeeman shop. There's a Zeeman around the corner from me so I could have shopped closer to home. I took the Metro back to the Wibautstraat.

sprinter train at bijlmer station

In Wibautstraat I bought my whole wheat bread at Hartog's and did some more food shopping in Oosterparkstraat. For dinner I had a shrimp and hot chilli salad.


Nicole said...

I am getting winter-flashbacks looking at your photos.

Colin Brace said...

I rather like the new Bijlmer Arena station, of which a small corner can be seen in your last picture. I passed through it for the first time in September. That soaring roof, with the wood lining, is very satisfying. Compare it for example with the stations built in the 1980s, like Amsterdam Sloterdijk, which is very boxy and angular. All those white trusses... yuck.