Wednesday, 5 November 2008

the hoodie

Since I've lost about 25% of my body weight in 'insulation', I've been feeling colder than I used to be. One of the items of clothing that I envied the youth for is a hoodie. I thought "to hell with the generation gap; I'll just buy one". After all, the style goes back to the monk's cowl of the middle ages and later to the 1930s when it was reinvented for workers in the refrigerated warehouses in New York. Hip hop youth has no patent to the garment…

So, off I went in search of a hoodie. My first thought was of the HEMA on Linnaeusstraat and so I turned my feet that way, walking down Pretoriusstraat.


The HEMA was crowded with shopping women; I felt slightly out of place. I did get a hoodie in size XL (which is now not skin tight!) for only €23.—. It's very dark grey, almost black in colour and I'm wearing it now with the hood up. Nice and snug.

hema on linnaeusstraat

After the HEMA I needed to buy bread, so I walked through Oosterpark towards Hartog's bakery. In the park I saw people had left flowers at the Theo van Gogh memorial. There was a remembrance ceremony earlier in the week.

flowers at the theo van gogh memorial

The ducks were floating in the pond; the autumn colours strong.

duck pond in oosterpark

I walked down Ruyschstraat and got my whole wheat loaf at Hartog's and walked back home. The rest of the day I sat in my chair enjoying my warm, new hoodie.

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Vincent said...

So, where's the picture of the hoodie then? ;-P

I got one myself at the high and mighty big dude shop. I love it. Even in Australia it's nice.