Monday, 10 November 2008

looking up

No photos yesterday, just a quiet day hanging around the house.

I walked to Muiderpoort Station via Tugelaweg. The junk 'bakfiets' that's parked at the end of the road is actually in use; every time I see it there's different junk in it, usually metal. I think the owner uses it to pick up bits of metal when there's a garbage collection day and then sells it for scrap.

scrap metal bakfiets

Crossing Linnaeusstraat I met a train going the other way. The train was going a lot faster than I was.


At the station more trains were running. The bikes were mostly stationary, execpt for the ones that were blown over in the stormy wind.

muiderpoort station

At work I spent some more time on the power measurement program. It is beginning to do what I want, not what I say ;-)

It was wet when I walked out, so I took the #37 bus to near Amstel Station. Waiting for the bus I noticed that the tree at Anna's Hoeve had lost most of it's leaves over the weekend.

anna's hoeve

For the Ringvaart junkies I made another photo.

oh no! not the ringvaart again!

Across the bridge, in Schalk Burgerstraat, I saw some little bronzes last week mounted on the wall of the building. I now saw that when you approach the block from the other side they're also on the walls here. In fact, the whole facade of the block has little bronzes stuck to it. They're so high up that you only see them when you're looking up, just like the little guy I found in the middle of the block. There wasn't an even smaller bronze above him; a missed chance.

looking at the wall

I had forgotten to take my sandwiches to work this morning, so I had them for dinner with a big fruit salad of pears, grapes, blackberries and melon. Yummy.


danny said...

Good ringvaart pic, with the red from the trees and the roofs.

Juf Jo said...

You need to get yourself a house at the Ringvaart Kees!