Wednesday, 19 November 2008

one pill per day

Yesterday I made only two photos, one of which you see below. It was too dark to make more photos unless you have radar vision. I was happy to be just in time to catch the sunset behind the Rembrandt tower from Frankendael Park.

sunset in frankendael

This morning I got a loaf of bread and a 'gevulde koek' at Hartog's. I am allowing myself a treat once a week. Today was the day. The gevulde koek was very yummy. If you eat something only once in a while it is much more rewarding than if you munch on them every day. You really savour the taste in this way.

After lunch I walked to my GP's office. The doctor looked at the results from my blood test and the advice of the diabetes nurse and said: 'take half of your medication, see me in two or three weeks time for another blood test and if that goes well I'll take you of the medication all together.'

It's almost a year ago I was diagnosed with DM2 and now I can see the results of this year's work.

To celebrate I was going to buy myself a present in a shop at the end of the Overtoom. I walked to Weesperplein, from where I took a tram to Leidseplein.


I walked down the Overtoom, which has a length of 2 km, and found the shop I was looking for. It was closed.


So I walked into Vondelpark which is right next to Overtoom.


It turns out they're renovating the park. The whole park is a long line of metal fences with heaps of sand behind it. Boring as hell. I took the first side exit at Emmalaan. The people who live here are either not bothered at all by the financial crisis or they have lost it all. Nice houses, though.

emmalaan villa

I walked straight through this upmarket neighbourhood to the de Lairessestraat. This is not a typo, the street name starts with 'de'. Whenever you say the street name people think you stammer. It is one of the most boring streets in the whole of Amsterdam. Not a single shop to be seen, just lawyers offices and the odd real estate management office. I didn't see any suicides due to the financial crisis while I was there.

de lairessestraat

It was a relief to come out at the far end. The Concertgebouw was basking in the sun, as was the Rijksmuseum. I turned right and walked into van Baerlestraat.


I continued on Ceintuurbaan. When I got to the corner of Ferd. Bolstraat, my right foot was starting to hurt. I think I'm growing new heel spur there. To give it a rest I got on the #3 tram home.

For dinner I threw noodles, chicken, vegetables and red Thai curry paste in the wok.


Vincent said...

Well done Kees, very well done. Is DB2 something that can be cured? I thought not? Then how can you quit the meds altogether?

Kees said...

It can not be cured, but when you've got the glucose levels under control, i.e. normal values, you don't need medication to keep the values artificially within the correct range.

It can change again as you get older; I might have to back on mediaction in a few years time and on insulin shots even later. For the moment, though, I'm doing as well as you can do with DB2.

Nicole said...

Good stuff Kees, really good news.

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