Saturday, 15 November 2008

pancake house

Since there was a 70% percent chance of rain today, I rushed to Hartog's in the morning to get my bread. It didn't rain.

It was still dry after lunch. I needed to do something about my shoe situation, so I walked towards the shoe shop on Linneauskade. I passed by the yurt that was built on Krugerplein today where children could play games and such. It's a scheme to chase the junks and pushers of the square and it seems to work. Every time something like this is organised, they're nowhere in sight. They probably don't like too much attention.

yurt on krugerplein

In the shoe shop they still hadn't anything I wanted in a size that would fit. I told them the 'bounce' had gone out of my walking shoes and my right heel had started to hurt from the impacts. They suggested putting new insoles in the shoes. That would bring back some bounce and is a lot cheaper than new shoes. They were right; €15.95 and they feel like new shoes again. Good advice.

With the shoes feeling good on my feet again I decided to go for a longer walk than anticipated. I followed the Ringvaart but where I normally go straight to work I now walked the other side of the canal on Valentijnkade.

ringvaart[!] near science park

The Flevopark is on this side. The last time I was in this park must be about 15 years ago when my colleagues and I went to the pancake house there for lunch one day. I walked into the park. The pancake house was closed for renovation.

flevopark pancake house

I emerged from the north side of the park and walked towards the Zeeburgerdijk. This is such a boring street that I left it immediately and turned towards the old harbours. Crossing the Nieuwe Vaart I looked at the house boats moored there and couldn't decide if they were houses or boats.

house or boat?

The area around the old harbours has been built up in the last 15 years with new housing projects. Some areas are starting to look nice now that trees are grown a bit. One piece of greenery was actually floating in the harbour. It was two coupled rafts with trees and shrubbery, complete with something that looked like a log cabin with grass roof. It was only accessible over water, so I couldn't inspect it any closer.

entrepĂ´t harbour

On Cruquiusweg, an old industrial estate, are now houses and offices. You can still see some of the industrial past where they left reminders. A train-loading dock is now a tree-lined cobbled walkway. They left a flatcar on the tracks next to the dock to show what it was in a previous life. The tracks only go the length of the platform, so the flatcar isn't going anywhere soon...

former train-loading dock on cruquiusweg

At the end of Cruquiusweg is Panamalaan. This street is bordered by two huge red buildings. Since it was very overcast today (remember, 70% chance of rain!) the colours are not very bright on the photo. Believe me, they're RED.

red buildings on panamalaan

Behind the red buildings I turned right onto Cruquiuskade, which leads to the IJ micro-brewery and the windmill.

ij brewery and the windmill

I crossed the road and walked into Dapperstraat where the market was in full swing. I don't understand why people go to the soukh in Casablanca or the Grand Bazar in Istanbul. You can hear, smell and see the same things on Dapper market.

dapper market

I walked down the market and then down van Swindenstraat to the Oosterpark.


The hotel on Oosterparkstraat had a neon sign in the window. Since the street is closed for traffic due to the tram-rail renovation I wonder whom they expect to see it?

hotel open, street closed

About 10 minutes after I got home it started to rain. Perfect timing.

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Vincent said...

Naturally, I'm pleased to see the flatcar like that :-)