Sunday, 2 November 2008

village in the city

Yesterday, Saturday, I stayed home all day. Just sat in my comfy chair and waited for the Spanish Inquisition played 'find this spot' on Google Earth. I'm getting to be pretty good at it.

Today I played some more and then went for a walk to get the digestive juices flowing. I also wanted to bring back a book to Ali, so I walked that way. She wasn't at home, so I turned the corner on Weesperzijde. The rowers —who must have polar bear blood— were practising.

rowers on the amstel

I thought Ali might be at the Ijsbreker, this establishment being one of her favourite haunts. She wasn't there either, so I walked on.

weesperzijde near the 'ijsbreker'

I took the cyclist's tunnel beside the Amstel Hotel. Peeping over the balustrade I saw the bar under the road still had it's terrace out. Sorry, guys, all the Icelandic tourists are flat broke and won't come.

terrace on mauritskade

I turned right into Sarphatistraat and on Weesperplein I took a slight right onto Spinozastraat. This must be one of the few places in Amsterdam where a 'gracht' (canal) isn't called a gracht but a 'straat' (street).


At the end of Spinozagrachtstraat I took a left back to Sarphatistraat. There's an AH there which is open on Sunday's. I wanted to buy a salad, but once I was inside I decided I wanted to eat something else and left the place without buying anything. I walked down the street and turned right onto Korte 's Gravesandestraat.

korte 's gravesandestraat

I took a left on Mauritskade and walked into the part of Mauritskade that most people in Amsterdam don't even know exists. A very small street, full of children's bicycles and flower pots. No cars, bur lots of deck chairs and benches in front of the houses. This is a village in the city. One of those places where the neighbours know each other by name.


I couldn't get into Oosterpark from the little street, so I walked back to the main road and took the next right into the park. The autumn colours are now finally coming out.


I left the park at the Boerhaaveplein exit and walked down Ruyschstraat. I had just remembered the take-away Sushi shop there and was drooling at the idea of a nice sushi.

sushi take away

I got 5 nigiri sushi and an inside-out roll. &euro 14.– but worth it.

I walked back home via Beukenplein. Just before the railroad bridge I saw the sunset over Populierenweg. The whole sky was pink.

sunset populierenweg

The sushi was delicious. It was also the last thing I could eat today as tomorrow I'll have to go to the OLVG for my three-monthly blood test and they don't want you to eat 12 hours before the test.

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Vincent said...

What's that Google maps game about? Is that for real? Sounds like fun. I guess you would have to find a picture that provides enough hints.

Is it online or something? I guess you could make photo's yourself even.