Saturday, 8 November 2008

yellow lotus

Yesterday I stayed at home with a bursting headache, so I didn't make any photos.

Today I also stayed at home, apart from my weekend food shopping trip. I started to walk in the direction of the Amstel and crossed the road in Schalk Burgerstraat at point where I normally don't go. All of a sudden my eye fell on a series of small bronze sculptures that were attached to the wall. This is very close to the #37 bus stop, so I think they're depicting the passengers going to the bus. One isn't very trusting that the bus will be on time; he's sitting there smoking!

no hurry…

I crossed the Ringvaart (there has to be a mention of the Ringvaart in this blog) and walked to Berlagebrug.


Walking down the amstel on the other side I saw a traditional Dutch yacht moored right next to the boat houses near the Berlage bridge. I've always loved these traditional boats and think they're much nicer than the modern glass fibre ones. They do need more maintenance, though.

sailboat on the amstel

Walking further I saw something that also needs more maintenance than a mistress. A lovely yellow Lotus. Vrooommm!! Much nicer than a VW Beetle TDi. Much less legroom too.

yellow lotus

What I liked even better than the yellow Lotus was the one in British Racing Green parked next to it. A true classic car. The garage, 'van der Kooi', is a specialist in Lotus sports cars and gets customers even from the UK. You'd think they would know a thing or two about Lotus cars in the UK and yet they still come to Amsterdam. Maybe the car owners have a mistress here?

british racing green

I crossed back over the Amstel to the East and got my half-a-loaf at Hartog's. They let me make a photo of the bakery itself.


From Hartog I went home via the Kringloopwinkel (Recycling shop) where I bought an old camera. It's an 1967 Ilford Sportsman 300 and still had a roll of 35 mm slides in it. With it came a Rollei flashlight.

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Nicole said...

What an adorable, little sculpture! That's precisely the kind of art I like (my most hated "art" was some type of ridiculous goal post metal on the Churchilllaan, just behind Ghandi as you walk towards Victorieplein).

It looks like a great autumn day.

Both of those cars are nice, but I'd need a can opener to wedge Vincent in and out of them.