Monday, 8 December 2008

the big tv

The weather was fine yesterday, so I walked to the zoo where I arrived just before the large cats were getting their food. They were pacing around and looked pretty hungry.


Miss Jo had given me orders to make a photo of one of the sculptures her uncle Arie Teeuwisse (1919-1992) had made. After looking around the whole zoo I found one: the statue of one of the zoo's previous directors, A. Sunier (1987).

sculpture made by Ome Arie

The seals were also very frisky as it was getting near their feeding time. They were jumping in and out of the water. Usually you only see them swim underwater so it was nice to be able to see them close-up for a change.

get lost!

When I left the zoo I walked to Rapenburg where I crossed the locks . . .

rapenburg locks

. . . and walked past 'de Druif' (the Grape), one of the oldest bars in Amsterdam. They opened in 1631, which is a long time before the smoking ban.

de druif, oldest pub in amsterdam

I walked down to Waterlooplein where the Zuiderkerk (South Church) looked like it was made out of gold in the setting sun.

sun light on zuiderkerk

Into Mulligans for a hot chocolate; it was sunny but very cold outside. Inside Sean was showing off his new t-shirt.

sean doesn't like bullshit

After the hot chocolate I went for dinner. I walked into Utrechtsestraat where I spotted a jewellery shop called 'Lellebel'. The name is a pun on the words for earring and slut in Dutch. Who would buy their bling in a shop named earring slut, I wonder.

lellebel, bling shop

Utrechtsestraat was lit up with the season's bling.


I had a good Indian dinner in the Meghna restaurant and then went back to Mulligans for the session. The music was good, lots of people showed up and they were all fair musicians. I sat and talked with Nantko for a while. He's off to Colombia in South America in two weeks time to visit his brother who lives there. I told him the Stitch 'n Bitch ladies had an order for alpaca wool for him to bring back. He said he'd already heard rumours to that effect, but didn't know if he could take a pack donkey on the plane.

dominic in the session

I left Mulligans around 21:15. On Rembrandtplein the largest TV screen in Holland was making daylight out of the night. If I lived on the square I would probably try to find a surplus Russian RPG and fire it through the bloody thing. Miriam in Mulligans once told me the council wanted her to remove the Irish flag above the bar's door because it didn't fit with the council's idea of good looking. And this does?!? Payola, scratch my back, do it on the left; terms from all over the world for corruption. You can't tell me this was approved without a civil servant or a politician getting laid in Yab Yum or such.

holland's largest tv on rembrandtplein

The street lamps on Herengracht looked soothing after the assault on your eyes on Rembrandtplein.


I walked back along the Amstel. The Carré theatre was using 10% of the energy wasted on the large TV to light up their building. I like the reflections in the water.

carré theatre

I was home around 22:00, and sat down and read some before going to bed.

When I woke up this morning my right foot was hurting like hell. The heel spur is really starting to hurt again and I'm back to pouring the ibuprofens in my throat. I called in sick and only left the house briefly in the late morning after a liberal application of painkiller to get some bread and visit the Vos Medical supply shop in Oosterparkstraat. I bought gel heel inserts for my shoes. These things seem to help cushion the jarring you get when your foot hits the ground. They're made specially for heel spurs. I hope they'll help. They'd better with a price of €35 …


Colin Brace said...

I thought the Karpershoek (1629) is the oldest bruincafé in Amsterdam. It is on the corner of the Martelaarsgracht and the Prins Hendrikkade, across from Amsterdam CS.

Kees said...

There are a few bars fighting over the title of 'oldest'. It just depends on which deed you read. I like the Druif's claim.

Vincent said...

Beautiful photos Kees. I really like them. Sorry to hear about your foot, I hope it's getting better now.

I remember that the council actually DID try to prevent that screen from being put their but because of their own stupidity they shot themselves in the foot with some of their own regulations. It was one big farce.

And now a little secret: People know there are sheep here, but do you have any idea how many alpacas we have here? Sometimes it seems they are replacing sheep. Don't tell anyone, ok? ;-)

Juf Jo said...

Thanks for the photo Kees, im very proud of my uncle.
Can I steal it and put it on my flickr account?

Kees said...

@Juf Jo
The photo is already on Flickr... Why make a duplicate? Just point to my link.

Juf Jo said...

Because if the photo is on my account my contacts will see it and I can post it in my top secret private family flickr group.

Colin Brace said...

People know there are sheep here, but do you have any idea how many alpacas we have here? Sometimes it seems they are replacing sheep.

Poor things! How can they stand the heat? They belong in the Andes, >3500m

Anonymous said...

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