Sunday, 28 December 2008


A couch day today; I played around with facebook, since that is where the other half of my friends seem to hang out. I am now a member of three social networks: Hyves, where my Dutch friends hang out; Facebook, where my English speaking friends hang out and LinkedIn, where my colleagues can be found. I absolutely refuse to add another social network unless it is the one where everybody hangs out. I spend more time trying to figure out on-line what my friends are doing than actually meeting them. I am beginning to feel that I'm living in a virtual reality…

One of my friends from a virtous reality, Nicole, made a bruschetta the other day and I thought it would be nice to give it a try. She had given the ingredients on her blog and it were all things I like, such as tomatoes, red onions, basil leaves, feta cheese and olive oil.

I bought all this yesterday and added garlic and balsamic vinegar to the list.

bruschetta ingredients

I began by slicing and dicing the tomatoes, onions and scooping up the feta. I made all portions equal size, except for the basil leaves.

sliced & diced

Throw the lot in a big bowl, add about a teaspoon of garlic, two tablespoons of olive oil and a dash of balsamic vinegar.

mixed feelings ingredients

I toasted four slices of Hartog's whole wheat bread which were about to go stale and put the mix on top.

on toast

It tasted reasonably good. I think I made a few mistakes, though. I didn't skin the onions too well; hard pieces of the skin were left and didn't feel pleasant while eating. I had bought feta in herb oil. Next time I'll buy either plain feta or try mozarella as the cheese. The feta oil overpowered the extra virgine oil and the balsamic vinegar. It even overpowered the garlic! Still, a healthy lunch and there's bit left for tomorrow.


Nicole said...

It looks good Kees! I am impressed by your willingness to cook these days.

Looking at your ingredients: for the amount of tomato I would use only about a quarter or less of the onion and feta. The onion can be tricky. I use very little so it doesn't over-power the dish and then I chop it extremely fine.

The Feta can be rinsed if it's in oil or herbs and it's good to crumble it into the dish. It too should not be over-powering, it's more about the freshness of tomato and basil and the onion and feta are there to support the dish.

Like you said: mozzarella would also be really good. I don't personally add balsamic because I think it masks some of the other flavours, but one thing I added yesterday was a few drops of white truffle olive oil and it was quite divine.

Next December/January we'll cook together!

Anonymous said...

ik doe nooit kaas in de bruschetta. sneetjes stokbrood roosteren, insmeren met een teentje knoflook, prutje maken van (cherry)tomaten (ik laat het vel zitten), goede olijfolie(bertolli is ok, maar er zijn veel mooiere olies, zachter),rood uitje, basilicum en peper.
vals spelen: er zijn kant en klare bruschatta mixen, gebruik die als basis en pleur er wat tomaten en basilicum door.

buon apetito, Roberto

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