Thursday, 11 December 2008

the canadian train

The weather sucked this morning, so I took the bus all the way to work. It took me just as long as walking…

Today I worked on a piece of php code to see if a server is alive, and, when not, switch to another server or give an error message. That took about 10 minutes. The rest of the day I was trying to find out what, if any, arrangements had been made about printing the bid book I was trying to layout.

I had been asked to do the layout again since management didn't like the way it looked. Unfortunately, the original layout turned out to be a house style and was not to be changed. So, I did the whole layout again according to the house style. Only I did it in InDesign, which the printer likes, instead of in Word, which the 'professional' graphics designer used. After I had done it again, they told me it had to be one-sided. Of course I had designed it to be two-sided since it would be printed. I wish they would a) make up their mind what they want; b) tell me beforehand what the specifications are and c) pay me the money they pay the 'professional' designers for cleaning up their mess. This stuff pisses me off.

When I made my escape I noticed a strange train parked on the switch yard behind the institute. I ploughed through the mud to get a closer look. I know Canada is a large country with long train lines, but I never thought they would extend across the Atlantic and end up in Amsterdam. I have no idea why this train is sitting here, complete with a Canadian locomotive. The train looks like it has made the trip underwater through the ocean.

ontario northland

The doors of the student housing on MacGillavrylaan have 21st century door bells; they are multi-lingual and can google the names of inhabitants. Very slick. My door bell just goes BZZZZ when it works.

21st century door bell

I walked along the Transvaalkade towards home. The new Stadsdeelkantoor is finally shedding off its scaffolding. The lights are on, so they're probably working on the interior now. Shouldn't be long to the opening.


By the time I got near home the street lights were turned on. In the streets around the Ringvaart the lights are now an orange-yellow colour, which looks real warm in the dark. I like it better than the blue-white lights that were the fashion.

obligatory ringvaart photo

I dined on fried rice with Javanese chicken which I prepared in the wok. I added a lot of sambal ulek (chili paste) so it would have a bit of bite. I just love hot food.


Juf Jo said...

That doorbell is very neo-traditionalist unfriendly!
I feel discriminated!
I'd never get in!

Vincent said...

This train is called the "Northlander" and it is a former TEE (Trans Europ Express) which was operated by the Dutch and Swiss railway companies. After being delivered in the late 50's and used till the mid 70's they were sold to Canada. Now, one train has come back for museum duty I believe.

It's a legendary train and also available in several model railroad scales.

You can read up here.

Anonymous said...

KEES, are you ok? I am getting woried, wish all is OK,

Anonymous said...

MISS JO, please help me get Kees back on the blog!