Monday, 29 December 2008

deep freeze ducks

Last night I went to the session in Mulligans where I met Kate. I had seen her business website in the afternoon and commented on the deplorable state of it. "It looks like some six-year old has been playing with a badly-written visual web editor," I said. "Thanks," Kate said, "I made it myself. Can you do better?"

I said I thought I could, and therefore this morning I threw a couple of hours into making a new website. It is online now (only for Kate) but I haven't heard back from her yet. Maybe she died of shock or is now in total denial en never wants to talk to me again. We'll see.

After working for Kate I went for a walk in Frankendael. It is really freezing now and the ducks in the Ringvaart must have pretty cold feet.

deep freeze ducks

The sun was low in the sky which gives everything a pretty colour.

frankendael park

I sat down for a cup of coffee in the Frankendael Villa. It was very busy there and there was only only one girl serving. It took her 35 minutes to take my order for a cup of coffee and then another 15 minutes before I got it. I drank it in 5 minutes and then had to wait 10 minutes before I could pay. Maybe they should get more staff.

When I walked out the sun was getting real low on the horizon.

sunset over damhattan

One of the ponds in the park had trees planted in it. I don't know if that is a good idea when it is freezing. Maybe they're special non-freeze trees. Or the park's designers count on global warming.

frozen trees

I zigzagged around the Don Bosco area and emerged at the Ringdijk where I saw Winston Churchill guarding a house. It has mostly been cut off by the frame, but in the original photo he's holding a .45 Thompson sub-machine gun. Who needs a guard dog when you've got Winston?

never mind the dog, churchill keeps watch

A few doors from Winston a new bar-restaurant is opening. Called the Quatpass, it is the sister-bar to Maxwell's, with the same owners. When I looked in they were still busy building the interior. Opening is on January 1st around 16:00. The owners said I was welcome to a glass of champagne when I show up. Sounds like a good idea to go and check it out. It's always good to have more 'classy' places in the neighbourhood.


Hungry Chinaman said...

Please provide recipe for deep-freeze ducks. Thanks.

kees said...

@ Hungry Chinaman: thaw, cook. Simple.

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