Saturday, 6 December 2008

down sizing

In the morning I made run to Hartog's bakery for bread. The queue at the shop was epic. I walked past the Hartog's breakfast shop, where they also sell loafs of bread, and there was nobody queueing. Maybe next time I'll just go there to get my bread. I just hope nobody discovers this trick or there'll be a queue there too. I also bought a jar of Hartog's peanut butter, which is made of just ground peanuts and sea salt. Pretty chunky and it tastes very good. Only €2.95 per jar.

I also got my other shopping out of the way.


I had been given marching orders to present myself around 12:00 at Marion's house (where Marion, Danny and Janneke were having a Viking Stitch'n Bitch) to have my Viking tunic adapted to my smaller self and because the ladies were going to make me a hood to cover my bald head. I had some nice woollen cloth and had promised them that they could use it for whatever they saw fit. I didn't feel like walking all the way to Marion's with the rather heavy cloth, so I made my way to the #3 tram.

When I got to Marion's the ladies were already there. Marion's cat was there too. She had been operated on a few weeks ago and had some giant kidney stones removed. It didn't seem to bother her, she was jumping on and off the sofa with ease. Her shaved pink belly looked funny, though.

marion's cat

Earlier in the week Marion had been to a chocolate workshop, and she brought out the finished produce for sampling. It was delicious and also looked good.

dark chocolate, over 85%

I had sent some patterns for a hood by email to all three, but since nobody had a working printer they couldn't use the pattern I wanted. Luckily, Janneke had brought patterns for a hood she had made in the past and it was easy to adapt that to more or less a similar pattern. The ladies discussed what they wanted to do with the rest of the cloth. Both Marion and Danny also wanted hoods.

bitch (discussion)

While hoods were cut from the cloth, tunics resized, dresses altered and shoes sewn, I sharpened a few knives, using a whetstone and oil. Marion's knife ( my old one) needed sharpening badly, as well as some rust removal. A light application of oil should keep the rust off until the spring.

and stitch (work)

I left the girls around 16:30 and walked home along Ceintuurbaan. I had bought a 'stamppot' dinner at AH which was very tasty. Stamppot is a concoction of mashed carrots and potatoes with stewed beef in a mustard sauce. Real Dutch winter food!

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