Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Grammatica off Singalëse Taal-kunst

This morning I met Anna at the Amstel Station around 09:30. We were taking the train to Kampen.

amstel station

After changing trains in Utrecht and Zwolle we were sitting in the Zwolle to Kampen train (which is a dedicated line, it only runs between the two cities), where Anna demanded the use of my little camera and told me to hold my hand to my head. I didn't know why until I uploaded the photos…

kees, amsterdam, irish bar

Two hours after we left amsterdam we arrived in Kampen. This old Hanze city on the IJssel river was shrouded in fog. It looked very pretty, as if veiled in grey silk.

kampen in the fog

Anna and I were going to the library of the Theological University. They keep a manuscript here which was written around 1699-1700 by a Dutch missionary in Ceylon, the present-day Sri Lanka. It is the first grammar of the Singhalese language written in Dutch. Anna is going to write her PhD thesis on this manuscript and needed photos of the pages. This is the reason I was in tow.

We asked the librarian for the manuscript, were given a room in which we could work and set up our equipment. I had brought my tripod, camera and the remote control for the camera. Anna and I also brought along our laptops so we could upload photos to see if the quality was good enough.

anna holding the pages

The whole thing was about 150 pages and we made shots of them all. Here's the front page.

Grammatica off Singalëse Taal-kunst

After we had lunch in a little sandwich shop (a tuna-salad baguette for me and onion soup with an appleflap for Anna) we walked around to see what Kampen looked like. It's a nice old town with some pretty buildings. Around the corner from the library was the Theological University's main building. To the left is the Koornmarkt Gate which leads to the IJssel river.

theological university

The Koldenhoven Steeg (alley) has buildings which need to be kept apart by brickwork beams.

koldenhoven alley

After our walk we went back to the library where I checked the photos to see if they were in focus while Anna browsed through some old library books they had for sale. She came away with about 15 books which set her back the grand total of €2.50. Wow, books sure are cheap in Kampen!

We slowly walked back to the station. On the IJssel bridge we stopped and made photos of the harbour.

ijssel harbour

When we got to the station we had to wait for the train. It only runs every 30 minutes. When it finally arrived it didn't leave until an hour later. Something had broken and they told the passengers to move to the front carriage since the back wasn't going anywhere.

This delay put us firmly into the rush hour traffic in both Zwolle and Utrecht. We did manage to find seats, though and I even managed to do a bit of photo cleaning on the laptop before we got to Amsterdam.

We had been invited to Siard's birthday party in Mulligans tonight, but the delay in Kampen made us late for dinner. Anna decided to go home and see if she could still find food in the house. I bought a Teriyaki Salad at AH and stayed at home working some more on the photos, and, of course, on the blog to prevent the wrath of Miss jo and Ms Viki.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, very interesting day you had!
Nice photos!
Gr. Viki ;)

Colin Brace said...
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Colin Brace said...
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Vincent said...

Appelflap! :-)

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