Tuesday, 16 December 2008

more than 1800 km

When I woke up this morning the whole world was wrapped in a soft cotton blanket of fog. I walked out the door towards Muiderpoort Station.

maritzstraat in the fog

The other side of the railroad wasn't any better.

beukenweg in the fog

At work I did some more work on the annual report artwork. Pie and line charts of funding and expenses. Exiting…

I got the #40 to the top of Molukkenstraat and walked along the Ringvaart. It was still fairly foggy.

celebestraat bridge across the ringvaart

Walking along Linnaeuskade I met a woman who was chased by a gaggle of geese. I thought they were attacking her, but it was the opposite; the geese loved her to bits! She was bringing them food in her two AH bags. When she stopped they all flocked around her (what an appropriate verb 'to flock' is…) as well as all the ducks and seagulls in a mile around. They were eating out of her hand, the geese as well as the ducks. The seagulls were circling around her head and catching bits of food she was throwing into the air.

shopping for the geese

I read an article on the web the other day that you have to change your walking shoes every 500 miles. That's about 850 km. I had calculated that this year I've done more than that.

I walk somewhere between 5 and 10 km per day. Let's average that to a conservative 6 km. I started walking seriously in February. That's 10 months, or about 300 days. 300 * 6 = 1800 km (but probably more). I have used two pairs of shoes this year which should last 1700 km. So, new shoes are definitely in order. Maybe this is why my heel spur had started to bother me.

So, I stopped on the way at the Run-inn shoe shop to see if they had new stock that would fit me. After trying on a few different brands of walking shoes I finally decided to go with the same shoes I already have: ASICS Gel-Odyssey. They're very comfortable and feel a lot better on the heel, too.

I have spent more on shoes this year than in the last 10 years. I have walked more this year than in the last 10 years, too.


Renate said...

"1200 miles, 1200 miles, 1200 miles, 1200 miles
Lord I'm twelve hundred miles from my home."

Did you know that that is the distance from Amsterdam to Valencia in Spain, to Napoli in Italy, and almost to Helsinki in Finland?

Maybe we should walk the Pieterpad some day. Or from Flensburg to Genoa. (*cough*)

Colin Brace said...

The picture of the geese reminds me of the lady who wheels an old baby carriage loaded with peanuts into the Vondelpark every day to feed the huge flock of ringneck parakeets that live there. I assume this is how they survive the winter. What else is there to eat in the V-park in January?

No peanuts no parakeets???

Like just about all of "nature" in NL, the hand of man plays a crucial role. (This isn't meant as a criticism, rather an affectionate observation.)