Sunday, 14 December 2008

multifunctional creep

The last few days have been a bit hectic which is the reason I didn't post regularly. I needed a bit of time-out from the computer. When I go out with my camera, I usually make somewhere between 10 and 30 photos every day. Then, when I come home, I sort them into usable and not usable. The crap ones are thrown away and the usable ones are given a touch-up in Photoshop. I then upload them to Flickr, put them in sets and collections, add tags and place them in the appropriate Flickr user groups. This takes about an hour to an hour-and-a-half every day. Only then I can start writing my blog…

Thursday after work I went to Mulligans; Francie Conway was playing and I hadn't seen or heard him in over a year. The whole WdW crew showed up too. Francie was staying at Jon Kenny's and remarked that it felt like playing in the living room with the whole commune sitting at the table in front of the stage.

Walking home along the Amstel after the gig I saw these two lovers discussing where to go next. The bike was already unlocked.

your place or mine?

Walking down the Weesperstraat at night is a lonely affair. Almost nobody walks there at this time. The only traffic is a car now and then whizzing past.


Friday I jumped into the the bus to work; my heel hurt and the weather wasn't good either. I was busy all day working and then reworking and then rereworking the bid book. Of every iteration I made they said it wasn't according to specs. I wish they would give me the specs before I do the work. I was so knackered after work I jumped into a bus again and went straight home. Combined with a cold this put me into bed early. No photos.

Much rested I got up on Saturday morning. Putting on my trousers I noticed they were getting too big. I had to punch another hole into my belt and was bunching up the trousers. Not very comfortable. So, after breakfast I walked to the Metro station on Wibautstraat.

train #54 in metro wibautstraat

I let the #54 train go by since I wanted to make a photo of the typographic art on the walls. When this station opened in the 1980s, there were two newspapers (Parool and Volkskrant) that had their offices here on Wibautstraat next to the station. The station's designers took their clues from that and painted the walls in large newsprint. The pillar-like office you can see in the top photo is likewise covered in old newsprint. They took the printing plates from the presses and stuck them into the concrete plaster that covers the office's walls. Here you can read 30 year old news cast in concrete!

metro wibautstraat typography

I got out of the Metro at Central Station and walked to the top of Nieuwendijk where, since I started loosing enough weight, I found a jeans shops that'll shorten the trouser legs for me. I used to have to go to a shop in Purmerend that would have my size in stock. Lately I can buy it off the rack. Picture my surprise when I found that the new, smaller size I fit into now also has a size with shorter legs. No more waiting for fitting! I now officially wear a 38/30.


To celebrate I walked down to C&A to see if they had the jacket I had been looking at a few times. They didn't have it anymore. This is the gods' way of saying that it wasn't meant for me. I got a new winter coat instead. It's a leather 'bomber' type jacket with a very warm lining. I needed a new coat since my old one is now so wide it doesn't keep me warm anymore. I've also lost a lot of insulation (a.k.a. fat) and I am, as a result, much colder than before.

noord-hollands koffiehuis

After C&A I made my way back to Central Station. The Noord-Hollands Koffiehuis, a landmark building in Amsterdam, can now only be reached via an intricate conglomeration of tunnels, underpasses, overpasses and bridges due to the North-South line works. Or you can take the easy option and parachute in.

multifunctional centre, joubertstraat

Coming out of the Metro on Wibautstraat I walked into Joubertstraat. This is just around the corner from where I live and the old school building there has been renovated and made new. It is now what they call a 'multifunctional centre'. It is used only for people who don't speak Dutch. Why this is multifunctional I don't know. This probably another example of function creep in words. Or maybe it is multifunctional creep. The building looks very nice, though. The architect has played around with the bricks. The bricks around the little windows form pretty patterns and around the door every second brick is missing, creating a very 'open' effect. Behind the missing bricks is a very large glass window so you're looking into the building though the wall.

Saturday evening I went to the Tara on Rokin. Bulgarian Balkan metal band Artery is back together again and had a gig there. The lead singer's sister, Marina, had told me Wednesday about the gig when I met her in Mulligans. Again it looked like the whole WdW commune was there (Marina lives there, too), and I saw lots of people I hadn't seen in over a year. Good fun and very loud music…

I left the Tara around 23:30 and took a Metro home.


Vincent said...

It's very good to take breaks from your computers sometimes. I think I could actually use one. maybe around Christmas I will.

Don't rush yourself with your blog. It can be a lot of work and it's mostly pretty time consuming. People don't have a clue how much time it takes to dish up a new edition every day.

Nicole and I are very happy with your blog though. Mainly for two reasons:
1) You update frequently
2) You got interesting photos.

That's all it takes :-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry kees,

s g collins said...

slight factual correction kees, we didn't have any francie at wdw. i think he was staying at a hotel. but i assume he has been here often enough in the past, cuz he's old friends with jk and phil.

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